The Timeline of a Meal

                                                    The Container                              Cooked Meatballs and Brats Brats and Meatballs covered with Heinz brand Baked Beans, which can often be found in the International Foods semi aisle at your local Supermarket.                Surpliced with Mashed Potato avec Cauliflower.                              Broiled  for a bit in the Oven                                 Plated and eaten.                           All gone!

My Mum's Sweet Treat

They are j ust like Mum made (or not quite?) .    They are the tarts  she made (using leftover pastry?) filled with jam and desiccated coconut.   So delicious.     Mum's were individually sized;    using what Americans would call "Muffin" trays.   I am by no means a "dab hand" at making pastry so I used a store bought frozen deep dish pastry crust.   I most likely used too much seedless Raspberry Jam, and not enough Desiccated Coconut,  so mine is uber sweet,  I will live and learn.   But mine are so good served with light cream!   Thanks Mum for the memory!      

Oh I do Like To Be Beside The Seaside: And In A Tiki Bar

" Tiki  is the  first human  in  Māori mythology , and also a wooden image of him."    And you thought that Tiki  Bars were Hawaiian.     Sarasota FL at its best at Lido Beach.  Just the place for a TIKI Bar. You think so?  Photo' via Betsey Irwin Mitchell A Tiki Bar?  What does that mean?  The NYT comes to our aid. The whole concept of Tiki is tied up in American history, and American business.  Read the long article here: https://w l The Lovely Beach.  The Ocean Breeze,  The Lapping Waves.  The  Fresh Air.  Just the place for a Tiki Bar eh? WOW  await Sarasota's newest, conveniently situated at the intersection of  the very busy North Beneva Rd  and Circus Blvd. The noise of traffic. The stink of petrol and diesel fumes.  The dust thrown up by the mighty 18 wheelers.   The view of a shopping plaza. The wailing of sirens from the nearby Fire Station. What more could you ask for?

Cloud Cuckoo Land and the Governor of Florida

  Cloud cuckoo land   is a state of absurdly,   over-optimistic   fantasy   or an unrealistically   idealistic   state where everything is perfect. Someone who is said to " live in cloud cuckoo land " is a person who thinks that things that are completely impossible might happen, rather than understanding how things really are.   It also hints that the person referred to is   naive , unaware of realities or deranged in holding such an optimistic belief. In the modern world, a "cloud cuckoo lander" is defined as someone who is seen as "crazy" or "strange" by most average people, often doing or saying things that seemingly only make sense to themselves, but also exhibit cleverness at times in ways no one else would think of. See this editorial from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune F riday, September 24, 2021     DeSantis is doubling down with surgeon general who promotes COVID misinformation Gov. Ron DeSantis is doubling down on his disastrous approach

In My Change at Our Local 7-11

  This was given me in my change at my local 7-11 store the other day Oh my goodness!  At first I thought that it was an older issued Dollar coin.   A closer examination showed it to be a USA  Half Dollar coin: a bi-centennial minting.   I have not seen or used such a coin in lo so many years.  The 7-11 store clerk was pleased that I accepted it without protest.  Oh the curiosity of USA coinage A Penny or cent:  100 of these per dollar.   A Nickle:  A despised coin, worth five cents. A Dime:  "Buddy can you spare a dime?"   A Quarter: Obviously one quarter of a dollar. An older generation would sometimes refer to a Quarter as "Two Bits".  Before the U.S.A. had a settled currency both British,  and Colonial Spanish coins were widely used.  The Real, a Silver coin was sometimes cut into eight pieces, or bits.  (D'ya remember "Pieces of Eight?")  Thus two bits would be worth a quarter  of a Real. When the U.S. began to mint its own currency ( Pennies, Dim


  Sorry that I attached an incorrect link.   Here (I hope) is the correct one.   Rabbi Michael begins to speak at about 53.29

Not To Be Missed PLEASE re DEPRESSION : "MY RABBI" (Michael Shefrin of Temple Emman-uel in Sarasota) addresses a painful and personal issue in his Yom Kippur address.

  Please don't miss this.  It is a powerful and courageous word to the people of Temple Emman-uel in Sarasota, AND  to the peoples of many  Christian, Jewish and Muslim Congregations. Rabbi Shefrin's address also has a particular truth for the Rabbis/ Priests/ Ministers/Imams who lead our various and sundry religious communities.  We the Rabbis, Priests, Ministers and Imams know so much of what he speaks:   "Show me a religious leader who does not live with Depression". (jmp) I am glad to name Rabbi Shefrin as a  friend and colleague. His courageous truth  "speaks to my condition".   Read  or watch his Yom Kippur 2021 C.E. address.  It is utterly powerful, and deeply honest.  Thus it is "Tikun";   i.e. HEALING!!!&app=io.ox/mail&folder=default0/INBOX