I thought that I had solved my rat problem by sealing off the gap in the  wallboard through which he/she/they had treated as a Welcome Centre.

No such luck.

I have seen a rat in my kitchen twice today.  Boo!  He or she has found another entry.

I wait upon the actions of my Condominium Board to hire a Company to  find and seal each and every external rat entrance. I may not live enough for the Board to act.

I am also waiting for a Pest Control Company to set some traps.  I called them last Tuesday, but have yet to set a day and time for their work.

I will not use rat poison, for three reasons.

1.  I understand that the poison causes great pain to rats before they die,

2.  I do not relish the long lasting stink from the corpse of a dead rat,  decaying behind the wall board or in the crawl space. 

3. I hate to think that Zion could or would eat the poison.


For now 

I have made sure that there are no food scraps anywhere in my home.  I have also made sure that all foodstuffs are in the fridge, and/or in sealed containers.  I have cleaned every kitchen surface with "Clorox" wipes.  I have moved Z's water bowl from the kitchen into my master bathroom.

And I wait with as much patience as I can muster for the response of the pest control company; and the actions of the condo assoc. board

Dear and darling Zion seems to be a bit afraid of the rat/s!


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