The Memory Land of Taste and Smell: There Was WEETABIX, another low sugar high fibre cereal



Still very popular in the U.K., but not well known in the U.S.A.

It's a very crumbly cereal.  We'd eat it in a bowl with cold milk; or sometimes with warm milk, in which case it would disintegrate into a kind of  "wheat -  oatmeal"

Every now and then we would spread it with butter and Golden Syrup  and eat it for a snack, always being sure to eat over a plate to catch the crumbs; and licking the syrup from our fingers.

C+ or B- in my rating scheme.


Puffed Wheat was higher on my ratings scale. Probably a B+

The "Quaker" brand  (nothing to do with the real Quakers) gave it a certain "je ne sais quoi".

Now you can't find it for love nor money.  It's likely that it is no longer made by "Quaker".  

I have tried some small brand substitutes but they don't quite "make it".


Not a Cereal  but wonderfully tasty

Farley's Rusks were/are a "teething biscuit" for infants whose little teeth are emerging.

Not just for infants!  We older kids would munch on them with great delight, and even eat them doused in milk as an alternative cereal.

YUM  I can taste and smell them even now.


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