A Nice Cuppa

 Mr Z  (a.k.a. Zion) had a long overdue bath and trimming this afternoon at


His bathing  and grooming at the grooming section of  Three Dog Bakery was long overdue mostly because I could not get an earlier appointment.

Here he is  all well-bathed,  with his paw hairs well trimmed. a two hour project.

With his modest look

I killed time by visiting my friends Jack, Donna and Ashley for a nice "cuppa".  I rarely drink tea so this was a treat, with a top notch blend.

Donna had some of her best china out

 Good tea tastes best in good china

I brought good English Biscuits

 From the Publix International Foods aisle

Truth to tell I had never heard of the Hill Co. Biscuits.  They were very good.

Here's a bit of history about the company, which explains why I'd never heard of it.


Incidentally   I've never heard English people say "let's have a spot of tea".  I've only heard Americans say that when they pretend tp be English.   It's a bit like the "pak the cah in Hahvad yahd" nonsense -  it's just never said in the Cambridge/Boston area.    SO THERE!


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