Not To Be Missed PLEASE re DEPRESSION : "MY RABBI" (Michael Shefrin of Temple Emman-uel in Sarasota) addresses a painful and personal issue in his Yom Kippur address.

 Please don't miss this.  It is a powerful and courageous word to the people of Temple Emman-uel in Sarasota, AND  to the peoples of many  Christian, Jewish and Muslim Congregations.

Rabbi Shefrin's address also has a particular truth for the Rabbis/ Priests/ Ministers/Imams who lead our various and sundry religious communities. 

We the Rabbis, Priests, Ministers and Imams know so much of what he speaks:  "Show me a religious leader who does not live with Depression". (jmp)

I am glad to name Rabbi Shefrin as a  friend and colleague.

His courageous truth  "speaks to my condition".  

Read  or watch his Yom Kippur 2021 C.E. address.  It is utterly powerful, and deeply honest. 

Thus it is "Tikun";  


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