Beauty in Photographs.

From e-weather 13 (covering southern New England).

Published on e-weather 13 on 28th June 2020.  Photo' came to me courtesy Noel B.  Probably taken by Sarah Dorsey (who I do not know).


An earlier photo' from the e-weather site.   Taken in 2015, but place, and photographer unknown to me.

Ya Never Know What's Around the Next Corner So Be Prepared!

The time may come when I will need to sit down on a bench to take a shower;  or before that eventuality if I am a bit unsteady on my pins.

I never was a Boy Scout, but I can still"BE PREPARED".

Yesterday, with that in mind I had my handyman install a new shower head with a high level and a low level; and a couple of grab bars.

An investment for the future eh?

The Fat Man needs a nap. The lovely dog needs attention


If the Cap Fits

I came upon an English word which is now redundant, in Geraldine Brooks magnificent 2001 historical novel "Year of Wonders", about the Bubonic plague  (mid to late Seventeenth  Century) and a Derbyshire village which chose to go into self isolation to prevent the spread of the plague.
Brooks describes the scion of the villages's  ruling  Colonel Bradford, by using that  obsolete English word):  a  fanfaron i.e a braggart or a bully.

Episcopalian Huma (via my friend Steve Card)


FOOD today and tomorrow

LAMB CURRY.  Home made, with meat, onions, tomato, red pepper etc  (and a side of ciabatta bread).

Not bad at all!

As I eat Zion pretends to sleep, but his ears and nose are alert in the hope that I will drop a piece of  the lamb to the floor.

I didn't do so, neither by accident, nor "accidentally on design".

Poor deprived boy! 😏