We Can't Have it All

Sarasota in south west Florida has so much to like.   I am (more or less) happy to  be living here.But how I  miss the New England spring - with the Forsythia; the Lilacs; and the Daffodils, Tulips and the Hyacinths.Even more I miss the Autumnal colours : exemplified by this gorgeous photo' of the (in)famous hairpin bend on Route 2 in north western Massachusetts; a route which I traversed many times.

Gorgeous in the autumn.  A bit dangerous in winter.( Photo' via Paul Lucidi)

My Maternal Grandparents

Kate (Ames) Finch, and John Francis (Jack) Finch.I never knew them.  Kate died in November 1944, six months after my birth. Jack Finch died in about 1946/7. I have a very shadowy memory (which my Mother validated) of being taken to see him on what was his death bed.

 Circa 1920 a handsome couple.

The Illegitimate President

via my friend Mary L,  written by  Dr. Stephen Ray. President of Chicago Theological College

So, here, is the fundamental flaw which continually leads the Left to the brink of catastrophe in American politics. There are too many in the progressive movement who view our political landscape through normative white eyes. This is a problem because it hinders many in the movement from seeing the fundamental truth that when the Democratic Party became the party of women and POC, it became an illegitimate organization/movement in the eyes of conservatives. This illegitimacy meant that neither the party, nor the people it represented, were due any political respect or concern. So, no matter what an electoral outcome, no political ground was ceded by those who had the presumptive right to rule our nation. In this political landscape Mitch McConnell, far from being hypocritical in his dealing with the Supreme Court, is totally consistent. From the conservative vantage point, the question is why …

Circus Maximus: an article in a German newspaper 19th Sep 2020

.Florida before the US election:Circus Maximus
Sarasota, Florida is a retiree's haven and completely unpredictable for the US elections. No wonder that every vote is fought here. About preachers, bullies and a few elephants.By Christian Zaschke , Sarasota
Christian is an acquaintance who spent time in Sarasota, Sep 11-14 2020.
The above is the header for his article in Suddeutsch Zeitung.
I have a (somewhat clumsy) Google Auto translation of the article (yes, in which you will see my name and mugshot).
If you wish to read it please e-mail me

Old Photographs of British Life; and My Grandfather - a Trawler-man.

Gas lamplighter in Petworth, West Sussex, 1931.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------This photograph reminded me that there were still some gas operated street lights in the Bristol of my childhood - say early fifties.There were a few in my area of Bristol and yes, I remember the lamplighter.  He rode a bicycle; carrying the lamplighters pole and a ladder.The pole had a hook at the top end.  The lamp was turned on in the evenings, and off in the mornings by means of a levered and balanced on/off device, each side with a metal circle at the end, through which the pole's hook was inserted.The ladder?  This was to use if the lamps's mantle  (made of fabric which had been infused with luminescent chemicals ) had broken and needed to be replaced.The lamps being lighted helped me to make sense of a hymn we often sang in the morning assembly at school. (see below)  It was a council school  (in American terms a public school).  We started e…


Chance is a 120/130 lbs Bearnaise Mountain Dog who hangs around with his owner most mornings  at Sarasota's Bayfront Park. He is 120/130 lbs of sheer love. joy and delight.When Chase spots Zion he whimpers; just like a puppy whimpering for her/his mother.  He "loves" Z.Then the two dogs have a nose to nose encounter.Both are far more "kissy-kissy" dogs at each others' front end, than "sniffy-sniffy" dogs at their rear end.They are good pals!

A whistle stop tour of Sarasota, FL (well, some of it).

You will remember  Christian Zaschke has been in town to research a story on the U.S. General Election for the newspaper for whom he is the New York City Correspondent - Suddeutsche  Zeitung,  (based in Munich).He and I were no more than acquaintances who hung out together in the smoking area of Queen Mary II, on our journey from Southampton to New York.As Christian (who lives in N.Y.C.) thought about the article he planned to write he thought  "Ah Sarasota, FL, that Limey Michael Povey lives there, maybe it would be a good place to research my story".It all worked out well and I was able to connect Christian with Sarasota residents, Democrats and Republicans, who were glad to  meet with him.Christian stayed at Sarasota's Art Ovation Hotel  (sorta swanky), so he was able to get a taste of downtown;  (and bayfront SRQ with its Westin Hotel etc, and luxury Condominiums). Three of his interviews took place in the fashionable and affluent "west of the (South Tamiami) tr…