Monday, 14 October 2019

It don't

With thanks to the friend who posted this on my Face Book page, and apologies to the hand full of  friends to whom I sent this earlier today.


Prelude to Genocide Day

Prelude to Genocide Day

Prelude to Genocide Day

Sunday, 13 October 2019

A visitor to Glen Oaks Ridge, Sarasota, FL

Zion and I spotted her/him last Wednesday morning as we took our early morning walk, long before daybreak.

There she/he was, squatting in the middle of a planting circle just outside my villa; big eyes following our every move 

Mr. Zion was hugely excited and wanting to start a chase:  so much so that I did not let him off the leash until we were well and truly indoors.

My neighbour B. (a nocturnal walker) also saw him/her (the animal) on Thursday morning as she/he dashed across the street.

What had we seen?  

B. and I have come to the conclusion that the Glen Oaks Ridge visitor was an albino Racoon.

So gorgeous to look at of course.

But some sadness too. 

Because of their colour,  Albino animals stand out in the crowd, making them vulnerable to predators.  

And they are frequently rejected by the "mainstream" pack,

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Such appalling ingnorance

When I saw my letter carrier today we reminded each other that there would be no postal delivery on Monday 14th Oct 2019. because it  is a public holiday,   (officially called Columbus Day).

The good letter carrier added "but we can't call it Columbus Day any more,  because about one hundred and fifty years ago,   Christopher Columbus did or said something which was bad".



1.  "In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety Two, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue"  not "about one hundred and fifty years ago"

2Despite  what my letter carrier said, the official name of the Public Holiday is still named Columbus Day.  It should be otherwise (more tomorrow).  

But for now, how sad it is that my letter carrier dated the European invasion of north, central and south America to about 150 years ago; and that "apparently Christopher Columbus said or did something bad