Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Strange expressions

1.  Why do we say that something is to be  "auctioned off", when all we need to say is that it is to be auctioned?

2. Why do we "print up" from our computers when all we need to say is print?

3. Why did a cook on the Food Network say (today) that she was about to "fry up" some bacon rather than saying that she was about to fry the bacon?

4.  Why do those being interviewed and asked a question on the radio or T.V.  frequently begin their answer with "so"? (This initial response has become ubiquitous.   At first I heard it only from those whose native language is German, but who were speaking in English. I conceded that it was a useful "bridge word" to enable the person being questioned to have a brief second for thought.  Now I hear it all the time from native English speakers.)

5. So why do I enjoy being a curmudgeon?

Monday, 21 April 2014

It's from France - Shock, horror, disbelief.

Have to tell you that denim was not created by Lev Strauss somewhere in the wild west.
According to Public Television's travel guru Rick Steves it was first conceived and made in Nimes, France,
Hence de Nimes -  or denim.
(Blame Rick Steves if this information is incorrect).

Sunday, 20 April 2014

An awful joke which I made up this morning.

"It was during a terrible bout of bronchitis that Nigel first read Great Expectorations"

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The foolishness of preaching, Jelly Babies, and a dog with her friends..

I preached my heart and mind out on Good Friday 2014 at St. Boniface Church in Sarasota. You can read the sermon on this blog.
One friend who heard it told me that she "has difficulties  with the Crucifixion" , so she was glad that I had focused on joy.
Another friend read my sermon on line. This friend was so happy that my sermon dealt with "serving others".
When you read the sermon you will (I hope) note that I did not mention joy or service.
I guess that many people hear or read what they want to hear or read in the sermons which we preachers hope are so clear!

Such is the foolishness of preaching,
British children of many generations will remember the sugary and chewy sweet/candy which we called  Jelly Babies. 
It's very odd that we would eat a sweet/candy which is roughly formed in the shape of a human baby.
My Dad used to tell we children that, when buying Jelly Babies we should ask that they all be boys -  'cause the  boy Jelly Babies were bigger than the girls.
It took me a long time to understand what he meant.
Jelly Baby Sweets.


I was at the Sarasota branch of Trader Joe's this morning just one minute before they opened at 8:00 a.m.  Penne came with me in the car since it was a beautifully cool morning,
 The automatic doors having been opened a few seconds before 8:00 I strode in and heard someone call ‘Michael’. It was my friend Charlotte T who was at T.J's with her fabulous husband Ron T.
We greeted, hugged and laughed.
 Char and Ron are Penne's Aunt and Uncle.  She lives with them when I am out of town. They care deeply for her, and she adores them. ( I do not have a single moment of anxiety when I am out of town, knowing that Penne, Ron, and Charlotte  are engaged in mutual love-fest.)
 When our shopping was done I got Penne out of my car so that she could visit with her Aunt and Uncle.   At first Penne was a bit confused - after all she had never before met R and C in a parking lot.  But all was well when Penne gave Ron a quick 'kiss' on his nose.
Whoop-dee-doo for Trader Joes, for my dog, for my friends,  and for Penne, who brought us all together this morning.