Friday, 23 March 2018

The old man and a dog. The old woman and a dog. Stock photo's and true stories.

Stock photo'

Stock photo'.

The old man leaned far forward in his wheel chair as the dog drew nearer.  The gentle dog placed his head on the old man's knee.

The old man buried his head in the dog's head.  He sat upright, the did it again.

He began to weep.  "Oh" he said, "you remind me of the two dogs owned. I wish that you could stay with me".

The man at the end of the leash said "he won't be able to stay with you, but he will visit you again next week".


The man at the end of the leash knocked on the door, walked into the room,  and greeted the woman in her bed.

He introduced himself and said "I understand that you like dogs".  "Oh yes" she said.   The gentle dog lifted his head to the bed so that the woman could touch it.

The man at the end of the leash asked "how long have you lived here?"  She replied  "a long time". "We used to live at K. (retirement home), then we moved to A. (assisted living), then my husband died.

"When" asked the man at the end of the leash.  "Last August" she replied. The man said "I guess that you will never get over your grief. Maybe the best is to wish is that somehow you will get used to it."  

"You are right" she said, "but I sometimes think that he is still with me.  I talk to him when I am watching T.V.".

The man at the end of the leash replied "I think that he is still with you".  

(He, the man at the end of the leash, has a conviction that the spirits of our dear departed grace us with their presence.)

The woman in her bed was so relieved to hear that it is absolutely right and necessary to commune with, and talk to our beloveds who have died.


The stories above relate events which happened today.

The photo's above are taken from Google images. Neither of them are of today's events, they are simply illustrations.

Crème brûlée tops off the evening.

Good Connections

Dinner 22nd March 2018

Mediterraneo, Main St, Sarasota.

One of Sarasota's best!

With good friends Ron and Charlotte Thompson, and Fred and Diana Emrich.

English family members Maureen and Bern, Jean and John, Andrew and Izzy, Martyn and Sam, Ruth and Dennis, and Janet have met the Thompsons and the Emrichs when they have visited Sarasota, so these photo's are to make them just a wee bit envious.


Charlotte T and Fred E  (They knew each other years ago in Reading, MA)

Diana E and Ron T

jmp and Charlotte T

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Star Dog (and good food)

"As I walked out"  (title of a fine book by English Author Laurie Lee) in Sarasota's Arlington Park yesterday I met a very pleasant man who was walking his very small dog.

He warned me that the dog could be growly, but in the event his dog and my Zion did well together.

I asked him the name of his dog.  With a touch of embarrassment he allowed that the dog is called Luke Sky Barker.

I love it!


My good SRQ and St. Boniface friend Rick P. invited me and two others for dinner at his home on Tuesday 3/20.

He cooked the most delicious Osso Bucco.

Stock photo' (not Rick's wonderful version)

... and served it with his home-made Polenta and a wonderful home made gravy/sauce (sauce or gravy depending on the region of Italy where it is served).

The meal was very good -  thanks Rick.

When I accepted Rick's invitation I told him that I had never before eaten Osso Bucco.

That was somewhat true save that after enjoying his dinner, I remembered have often eaten braised Lamb in England. It's more or less the same thing.

Braised Lamb.

What's in a name.  Is it Osso Bucco or Braised Lamb?

It matters little, save to say that Rick's Osso Bucco was made from scratch with his love and prayers.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Brought joy to my heart, and lifted my spirits.

My good neighbour Barbara B and I meet every ten days or so for an early morning coffee at our nearest Starbucks.

We did so this morning.  On my drive home I tuned into NPR news, but wearied by the chatter I switched over to our local Classical Music Station, WSMR.

I was enchanted by the choral music I heard. Maybe I'd heard it before, but I can't remember having done so.

It was the Sanctus from the Requiem
by Maurice Duruflé  (1902-1986).

This morning my heart was filled with joy and my spirits were lifted.

Such bliss in the car.