Monday, 27 April 2015

A Feline/Human conversation: Sunday 26th April 2015

FELINE: (Adelaide)    YOWL, YOWL, YOWL.

HUMAN: (jmp)  Why do you have to yowl? I give you everything you need, and more.


HUMAN:  Do you have to have the last word?


I  rest my case.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Collard greens etc


A mixture of Mustard, Turnip, and Collard greens (with Spinach),   (graciously packed and ready to cook via Trader Joe's),    steamed for twenty minutes,  with a handful of Sugar Snap Peas added in the last three minutes to provide a bit of "crunch",

Together with some broiled wild Salmon (about 3 oz.), and a few slices of broiled Tomato - (using  up some  "love apple"   before it went bad)

Of course, a splash of Malt Vinegar on the cooked  greens and peas before eating them.

Darned good food, and I venture to say: - "darned good and healthy food"

Friday, 24 April 2015

A prayer for a parish, a family, or an individual in distress.

Loving God I pray that your grace and mercy may precede, follow, and be around me this day.

I pray that this grace and mercy may also be within me.

Save me, I pray, from anger, from despair, and from bitterness.

Set a watch on my tongue, so that my words may speak only of grace and mercy.

This I ask through Jesus, my Saviour and Lord.  AMEN

Copyright, J. Michael Povey, 24th April  2015