Friday, 21 December 2018

Pedant's Corner

Winter Solstice in Alaska 2018 (photo'  by Don M)

No, the days will not be getting longer.  It's just that in much of the northern hemisphere we'll now be getting more minutes/hours of daylight, and fewer minutes/hours of darkness.

The opposite will be happening in parts of the southern hemisphere.

(In equatorial regions both south and north of the equator it's more or less twelve and twelve of each year round.)


Whilst I am wallowing in pedantry I remind you that you cannot wish someone happiness for a belated birthday.

You can send belated greetings, you can have a belated birthday party or celebration.

But please, you should not write "Happy belated birthday". (I know that you will do so whatever I say!!) 

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Please do not tell my primary care physician.

She would  be very cross with me for eating mostly unhealthy food,

But my body longed for comfort food for lunch, on this cold, grey and rainy day in SRQ

Processed "pulled pork"  - utterly unhealthy.

Canned Chili -  fairly unhealthy, but at least it included beans.

Baked Acorn squash - as healthy as you get.

The healthy squash more than made up for the processed pork and chili. 

Or so I want to believe!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Humour,via various Face Book friends.

Good night Irene

My beloved and sole surviving aunt,  Irene Finch passed from this life on 1st December 2018 at aged 93.  I have known her for all of my life.  She was always my favourite aunt.

Her funeral services were held 18th Dec 2018 in Bristol, U.K.

I could not be there.  So I had my own personal, prayerful  and private remembrances of her in my home at the same time as her funeral in Bristol.

She'd requested that instead of wreaths or sprays of flowers each mourner would bring a single flower to be placed on the Church altar table.  It's hard to buy just one flower so I chose this simple orchid.  Irene once gave me the model VW car, for I had at one time owned such a car.

I spent some time thinking about Irene and some of  the times we had been together in the U.K. or in the U.S.A., a kind of silent eulogy.

She had also requested that "How Great Thou Art" be sung at the Church service, and that "Goodnight Irene"  be played at the end of the celebration of her life.     (How great Thou art)                                     (Irene goodnight)