Friday, 14 December 2012

Of on a jaunt

Friday 14th Dec 2012.

Visit for two days with my dear friend Joyce Thornburg in PHX

Sunday 16th Dec 2012


Stay overnight at La Quinta Inn near TPA

Monday 17th Dec 2012 morning

Lunch in Tampa. FL  with my beloved friends Michelle Holmes and Derrick Jackson, from Cambridge MA. They will be in the area because Derrick’s nephew will receive his Eagle Scout award.

Monday 17th Dec 2012 afternoon.  

To SRQ and a joyful reunion with my dog Penne.

Back in touch with you on Monday evening

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Good neighbours: cats, a dog, and travel.

I am taking a wee trip away from Friday 14th December 2012 until Monday 17th December 2012. (More about this tomorrow)

I planned the trip three weeks ago.  But I neglected to pay attention to a few details.

1. I forgot to suspend my newspaper delivery.

2. I forgot to suspend mail delivery.

3. I did not make arrangements for cat care.

Oh my!

Fear not. After 6 ½ years living at Glen Oaks Ridge, SRQ I have discovered the blessing of having good neighbours.

SO....  at very short notice and after a couple of conversations

1. My neighbour  Barbara will retrieve my newspaper from my driveway on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings.

Barbara does not subscribe to our local paper so I have told her to enjoy it for three days.

2. Another neighbour Kathy will stop by my home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings to make a fuss of the cats, to refresh their water bowls, and to give them their evening treats.  Kathy will also retrieve my mail.


But what about my darling dog Penne?

Of course she was at the top of my list, and I had not forgotten her care.

So she is with my fabulous friends Ron and Charlotte Thompson who will love and care for her until Monday afternoon.

They adore Penne (who wouldn't).

I drove Penne to Ron and Charlotte’s home this afternoon. We stopped at a traffic light some 100 yards from where they live. At that moment Penne began to “sing” – she loves visiting with Ron and Char.

They welcomed her with great enthusiasm, and I snuck out of their home before she realised that she was at “doggy camp” for a few days.

She will be fine.

 Now back at home I miss her already. I keep thinking  that she will come bounding towards me.

So do my cats. They were utterly discombobulated when I returned to my home this afternoon ‘”sans Penne”

But my cats will be safe,  and my dog will be loved and cared for by Ron and Char.

AND I will be blessed as I visit a dear friend in Phoenix,AZ

More  tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mornings in SRQ

Photo's via my friend Bill Byers

He and I see each other most mornings as I walk with my dog Penne and he walks his dog Maggie at sunrise. . Most of these photo's were taken by Bill using his   iPhone.

They show the Lakes at Glen Oaks Manor where Bill lives, and Glen Oaks Ridge where I live.

I enjoy the morning light and I am grateful that Bill took and shared these photo's.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Local and low maintenance shopping.

Yesterday (Dec 10th 2012) I went to the locally owned pet food etc store (Holistic for Pets in Sarasota) to buy some bags of dried food for Penne my dog and for Adelaide and Ada my cats.

I choose to use locally owned stores in the hope that some of my dollars are retained in my community.

At the checkout I paid for the food, and for some “poop bags”.

The clerk/assistant rang up my purchases and then said “thank you for being so low maintenance”.

I was not sure what she meant, so I asked “what do you mean?”

“Oh” she replied, “so many of our customers are very high maintenance" (which being interpreted means “hard to please”).

To be truthful I am not always a low maintenance person.  I am often very hard to please.

But I have a great respect for those who work in retail stores.

They are very often underpaid and undervalued.

So I do my best to be kind and gracious to retail clerks/ assistants.

I encourage my readers to “shop locally” whenever possible and to be utterly respectful of the women and men who work in retails stores.

Thank goodness that I was able to be “low maintenance” as a customer at “Holistic for Pets” here in SRQ.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Advance Australia Fair

So, this is a National Anthem which never caught on.

Ne’er mind about the Anthem, it’s incidental.

But do mind about Australia.

It’s a fabulous Country/Nation/Continent.

I was there a year ago.

On Dec 10th 2011 I was visiting my friends Andrew and Felicity McGowan in Melbourne. On that day I took a Ferry from Melbourne down to Williamstown.

I could not resist that trip since I know of only two places called “Williamstown”:   - this  one in the Australian State of Victoria, the other one in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

More important than the two places called Williamstown is that I utterly enjoyed being in Australia.

I visited the (under-rated) and gorgeous City of Adelaide.

My days in Melbourne were delightful (it’s a fabulous City).

And (of course) I spent some time in the “tourist trap” City of Sydney.

A year later I am drenched in Australian memories. I would love to return there.

Should you decide to visit Australia I am sure that you would love to visit the “Great Barrier Reef”. etc

All well and good: if that is “your thing “.

But if you are in Australia do not neglect to  visit  Adelaide and Melbourne.