Saturday, 7 September 2019

My devices

via my friend Arthur L
I recharge every day at Arlington Park and Bayfront Park (jmp)

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Give that boy an A+

Oh how Zion and I enjoy our early morning walks at Sarasota's Bayfront Park.

It's a good walk in and of itself, but our pleasure is increased as we meet and greet other walkers and dogs -  the regulars.

Zion is always happy when he sees Susan and her dog Chris, Zion who sits with what I call "expectant poise" as Susan  give him his two morning treats.

Today  (4th Sep 2019)  was an exceptionally good day as we enjoyed a gentle and warm breeze coming off the bay.

We met a couple of children - clearly a sister and her  brother - aged maybe 14 and 12. They'd cycled to the park on the way to school, and were resting quietly on a bench when Z pulled me towards them  -  to their obvious pleasure.

The boy asked "what is your dog's name".  "Zion" I said.  The boy responded  "just like in the bible".

I immediately gave him an A+, telling him that most people think that the name originated in Zion's National Park  (Utah),  but that he know that it was much older.

Then I noticed that the lad had a bible.  I guess that these children were having what evangelical Christians call a  "quiet time", a space for gentle prayer and a bit of bible reading early in the morning.

What a wonderful way for these children to start the day.  A bike ride at Bayfront Park, a time of quiet, then back on the bikes to go to school; in this case Sarasota Military Prep (a  "Charter" Middle School).

They had a bonus this morning  - a few minutes of canine affection from Mr. Z.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Twisted Tree (via Arthur Lee)

(Chinese Proverb or not  jmp)  

Recycling anyone? Not for Sunset Kia of Sarasota

I bought  a Kia Forte from Sunset Kia of Sarasota. I have one more year of payments but Sunset Kia is already suggesting that now is the time to trade it in.  Blah.

Here is what I received in the mail

Unremarkable, except that their flyer was printed, then laminated.

Utterly non recyclable.  Utterly irresponsible.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Warding off Hurricane Dorian

I've done my bit to make sure that Hurricane Dorian does not reach Florida's west coast.

'Twas simple.  I made some "comfort food"  -  just in case.

Gorgeous and  creamy rice pudding  (made with evaporated milk and heavy cream). 

Hurricanes are mean. But  Dorian will avoid Florida's west coast  

Says who?

Says I  (tongue in cheek), even as my heart aches for the lovely people of the Bahamas who are bearing (for now) the cruel brunt of Dorian.