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Just for fun

Good evening - - - B.C. or before computers we used a contraption called “The Typewriter” to communicate in writing.  With the Computer we have lost something in the workplace.
Leroy Anderson (1908-1975) was an American composer of short, light concert pieces, many of which were introduced by the Boston Pops Orchestra under the direction of Arthur Fiedler.
Leroy wroteThe Typewriterfor orchestra, completing the work on October 9, 1950.
 This orchestration was performed in a June 12, 2011 concert by the National Orchestra and Chorus of Spain in Madrid.
The (typewriter) soloist is Alfredo Anaya. Watch his expressions and actions throughout the video...

Good friends and good food.

Dinner last evening (March 20th) was with Pat and Jack McLaughlin and with  Cindy and Wes Wasdyke. Pat and Jack live in Wolfboro' NH and spend 3 weeks each year on Longboat Key, FL so  I get to visit with them every year. We were friends and colleagues at St. Stephen's  Parish, Pittsfield, MA Wes (a retired Anesthesiologist and a retired Priest)  and Cindy have a home in Nashua NH and another in Lakewood Ranch, FL. We are friends and colleagues at St. Boniface Church, Sarasota FL They joined with me last evening for a lovely dinner at Pho Cali, a Vietnamese restaurant here in Sarasota. The food was gooood! The Mclaughlins and Wasdykes  soon discovered that they have mutual friends in the Diocese of New Hampshire, and in the Medical community in Manchester NH I beamed as we enjoyed a super meal, and as my friends the McLaughlins and Wasdykes made good connections.  jmp

Pizza "What"? 'Phone "Why"?

Pizza   what did he say?

I was watching an apparently pretentious young man (a foodie?) as he held forth on T.V.  about Pizza. He advocated cutting off the pizza crust and folding it into a slice of pizza (sandwich style) in order to create more texture.

He said  "This will enhance your pizza eating process".

I thought that I simply ate pizza. I did not know that I should have a pizza eating process. I have so much to learn.

'Phone why do I feel cheated?

I make and receive very few calls on my mobile 'phone, so a prepaid "card" 'phone suits me very well.

I have an AT&T "Go 'Phone".  The minimum amount for a prepaid card is $15 - enough in my case for two month's worth of calls.

I got a bit annoyed with AT&T this week when, whenever I tried to make a call,  a recorded voice told me that my minutes were about to expire.  "Surely not" I thought, "for the 'phone indicates that I have more than seven minutes to go&q…

Wired Up


Hi D of Av-n Alar-s in Bristol U.K.  I hope that you have missed my blog.  I have been busy.


I got wired as an FBI informant but the crooks were not deceived.  I wonder why?

Two consecutive nights, and it was not fun.