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When "texting" solves a problem.

When it comes to communications I am still a bit antediluvian I use e-mail far more than texting.

Unlike my younger family members who invariably text rather than-mail I do not have hyperactive thumbs (the stylus on the smart phone helps me a lot!), and I do not know many of the short cuts( it took me ages to figure out that lol meant "laughing out loud", not "lots of love".

BUT texting is not just for the young.

I learned on Thursday that texting can be a boon for hard of hearing and deaf folks.

As I was being prepped for my treatments I overheard the fifty something man in the next cubicle.  It turned out that his mother had been designated to drive him home after his procedure.  He said to the Nurse Anesthetist "There is no point in phoning my mother, she is very deaf.  I will text her when you have cleared me to leave".

WOW, texting is a useful tool for the deaf or hard of hearing in any age group.

Now I hope that someone could design an app by which s…

In Praise Of

Suncoast Endoscopy on Hawthorne St, Sarasota where I had my Colonoscopy and Endoscopy this morning.

It's a great clinic.  The staff are efficient, friendly and caring.

My surgeon is the best.

Just as soon....

Just as soon as I get back from Dr. Rotor Rooter  (probably at about 11:00 this morning)  I will have my first meal since Wednesday evening, (vegetable broth and lemon Jello which I ingested today  [ not together] cannot be described as  meals.

It will be this carrot and ginger soup which  I made on Thursday.

Playing Fast and Loose

My twenty for hour FAST has begun.

It won't be that dire as I am allowed:


In truth I am allowed any clear liquid.  (Does Vodka Count?)


Then it's off to Doctor Rotor-Rooter tomorrow morning.

There was an election today - I voted.


Oh Lucky's Man ( I am not so sure)

Lucky's Market is a Colorado rooted company which recently opened a store in Sarasota, with trumpet fanfares and a Military Guard of Honour.

Here is their tale.

I was in the area of the new Lucky's Market today, so I stopped in.

I was underwhelmed. The store is almost as messy as our local three store  Detwiller's Farm Markets.

The prices were not great.

( I was pleased to seethat most of the produce was not pre-packaged on styrofoam trays or sealed in plastic bags)

Unless I am missing something I'll stick with Trader Joe's.

CAVEAT 1.  I have a number of friends named Joe, but not a single one named Lucky!

CAVEAT 2.  Lucky's Market is the one Supermarket I know at which you can by a slice or two of Pizza, and some Beer to consume as you shop.  The shopping carts have cup-holders!

What a cunning plan to keep you in the store for an extended time.

CAVEAT 3 . Lucky's, Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's etc are …

Myths and musings

The first English settlers on what became the Plymouth Bay Colony were not Puritans.  They are more correctly described as "Separatists" (or Brownists), those who wanted to separate from the Church of England because they believed it to be utterly un-reformable.  The voyagers were identified  them as "Saints" (the Separatists), and "Strangers" (those others who sought a new life in a new land).

The later Massachusetts Bay Colony was a commercial venture,  many  of its investors were Puritans (those who wanted to stay in the Church of England so that it would be "purified" according to their lights). They gave up on  that hope  (but there are still Anglicans who would refer to themselves as Puritan).

The story of the landing on Plymouth Rock is also a myth. It was popularised in a poem  by Felicia Hemans (1793-1835) a poet who identified herself as Welsh (her adopted country). Hemans also wrote the poem "Casablanca" with its well known …

Izzy and me

So as I fiddled and farted around on my computer she snoozed and snored on her day bed. Such good fortune to adopt this super dog. I was in the area this morning so I stopped by the Humane Society of Sarasota County. As I entered the staff were worried in case I had a problem. They were so happy when I told them that Izzy has been the perfect adoptee. They liked her so much (she was one of their favourites) and they were grateful that I took her by for a "success" visitation.