Saturday, 19 November 2016

Where did you get that hat?

A welcome and necessary hat given to me today my my Staten Island Cousin Kippy (Catherine) Altini.  I love it!  My Dermatologist will glow with pleasure when she sees it.

Thanks Kippy.

See also "Where did you get that hat?"

Friday, 18 November 2016

Back in 1946 an old family photo'

My first cousin Janet is making her annual visit to Longboat Key from Bristol U.K.   We had a super lunch at the Dry Dock yesterday, together with Janet's Canadian/ American first cousin by birth "Kippy" (Catherine) Altini from Staten Island.  Kippy is my first cousin by marriage.

Of course although I had my 'phone with me, I forgot to take a photo' at lunch.  Save to say that I had my favourite Dry Dock Lunch - Grouper Tacos.  Utterly delicious, though the "sides" of black beans and rice were a bit skimpy.

I broke the habit of a life time, and had dessert -  Creme Brulee (almost to die for).

Thanks Janet for a wonderful treat.


Janet brought with her a family photo', dating to about 1946.

In the middle is her mother  (still alive, aged 91) -  she is my dear  Auntie Irene.

Flanking Irene are my sister Jean (l) and my sister Maureen (r)

I am in the front right  (looking worried - as I have been for most of my life).

On the front left is my twin sister Elizabeth.

The original has Jean and  Liz on the right, and Maureen and I on the left. That got reversed when I scanned the 'photo. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Three morose mammals and a great hug.

Penne the dog, Adelaide the cat, and John Michael (their humble and devoted servant) have been feeling down in the mouth today.

Our home seems lonely, empty and barren sans the presence of my sister Ruth and her partner Dennis, (now back in Bristol, U.K.) They brought us such joy.

On my last walk of the day with Penne, I came upon a local friend (and all round good man), named Rick Randall with his dogs Vuitton and Louis (Penne's boy friends).

I was trying not to look glum but Rick caught a whiff of my mood.

"Do you need a hug?" he said.    Oh yes, I needed and got a hug.

Friends like Rick help to make life worth living.

Thanks ole pal!

Monday, 14 November 2016

I told my Pastor that he could not count on me

I am 72 1/2  years old and in good health.  But whatever way I look at it, these are the closing years of my life.  I am increasingly aware of my mortality, and that realisation is good.

So much so that my family is more important than my Church.  I want to savour family life for as long as is possible, even at the cost of goofing off from Church.

So I told my Pastor (Priest in Charge) that I could not be counted on for various "Ministries-in-Retirement" for six weeks, from the beginning of November until mid-December.

The two first weeks in November have seen the visit of my youngest sister Ruth, and her partner Dennis.

I was born in 1944 and Ruth in 1956.  We hardly knew each other as we were growing up. (When I started work at age 16 she was only 4 years old).

In adult years Ruth and I have developed a delightful friendship.

Thus it has been that Ruth, Dennis,  and I have delighted in so many adventures in the two weeks of their visit from Bristol, U.K.:-  (the Everglades, Mote Marine, the R.A.F. graves in Arcadia FL, the Kennedy Space Centre, Horse-back riding in the Myakka State Forest etc.,etc., -  and the list goes on).

We shared a tearful farewell at TPA this morning. As I write they are winging their way across the Atlantic from ATL to LHR. on a Virgin Atlantic flight

My home seems empty.  My cat and dog are sulking (truly!),    I wish that the damn plane would turn around and bring them back to SRQ!!!


In just over two weeks Virgin Atlantic will fly my oldest sister Maureen,and her fabulous husband Bernard  from LGW to MCO.

They too will spend a fortnight with me, during which time we'll be off to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for five days.


Such a blessing!  The visits of two sisters (+ spouses) inside two months.

 Seems better than Church eh?


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Parting has such sweet sorrow.

Sunday 13th November -  the last full day for my sister Ruth and her partner Dennis, at the end of the two fabulous weeks they have spent with me at the end of their visit from Bristol UK.

We enjoyed a reunion of sorts by  getting together for brunch at the Peridia Golf Club in Bradenton.

It was another "over the top" meal.

"We" were Ruth, Dennis, and me,

our first cousin Janet (also visiting this this neck of the woods from Bristol), 

her Aunt "Kippy" (Catherine), visiting from Staten Island, (Kippy, Ruth and I are cousins by marriage), 

and my dear SRQ friends Ron and Charlotte Thompson .

It was a wonderful way to celebrate Dennis and Ruth's visit.

The whole group sans moi.  L-R Ruth, Dennis, Kippy. Ron, Janet, Charlotte

Same as above, but I am in this group  which is sans Kippy.