Thursday, 30 March 2017

Couch Potato? PSHAW!

Of course you know that I adopted Ben, a fabulous Greyhound, on March 17th.

What you do not know is that every third person Ben and I encounter on our walks is an utterly reliable expert on Greyhounds and their behaviours.  😖

They parade their unquestionable expertise by saying  "Of course, Greyhounds are such couch potatoes".

To be fair, they are correct about the couch bit - see this

Of course I love my spuds whether fried, baked, or mashed,  I have nothing against spuds.

But I refuse to think of my elegant, grateful, regal and dignified adoptee Ben as nothing more than a couch potato,

He has class.  He should never be called a common tater,

Ben is my .....

........ Couch Creme Brulle!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

I did not earn or deserve this - I was simply fortunate

In a recent week my pharmacist filled three prescriptions for medications ordered by my doctors.

The total  retail price of these "scripts" is $154.

Thanks to my relatively inexpensive supplemental insurance the total cost to me was $8:50

What a deal.   I did not worker harder or longer than (say) a coal miner in Appalachia to "earn"  such a retirement health care benefit -  far from it.

Such a coal miner may well not be covered for prescription insurance, so he may have to choose between buying medications at full price, or buying food.

Nor will he live  in a prosperous area such as Sarasota FL where I live, and where I am surrounded by physicians and surgeons of the highest  caliber  -  a place where I could see my Primary Care Physician; a Vascular Surgeon; and a Cardiologist within the space of five days  yes, five days.

Maybe my miner would have to travel some 50 miles for an appointment with a specialist, in x month's time.

All this is to say that I did not earn the right to first class health insurance.  I have it because my "employer"  (the Episcopal Church) has been utterly prudent and responsible  in its provisions for retirees.

I am so fortunate. I did not earn or deserve such good provisions,

My coal miner friend is not so blessed.  His employer most likely "bailed" on such responsibilities.

His life expectancy surely less than mine.

This must change.  But it will not do so just so long as the U.S.A. is in the grip of  a regressive Trumpian Oligarchy.

How odd it is to have a President who wants to "bring back coal" but who apparently does not have an ounce of care for the health of the coal miners themselves. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Ben Houdini

I was away from my home for about two and a half hours this morning (Tuesday 28th).  That was long enough for Ben to get out of his crate.

Maybe I had not locked it properly.  Maybe he is an escape artist.  Maybe the cat "sprang him".


And Ben made a mess!

I admonished Ben very gently, reminding him that this was no way to live in the home of an English Gentleman.

Then he and I sang "God Save The Queen".


These things happen - they are petty annoyances.

And there are joys and delights.

The following photo' is of Ben as he slept last night  (Monday/Tuesday).  It's not the same as the "roaching" photo' I posted the other day.

I do not aim for dignity.  I aim for comfort.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Auntie Irene

My always favourite (and only surviving) Aunt -   Irene Parsons Finch.

92 years old today  (March 26th 2017).  

Her family threw a great party in Bristol, U.K. today.