Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Ben Houdini

I was away from my home for about two and a half hours this morning (Tuesday 28th).  That was long enough for Ben to get out of his crate.

Maybe I had not locked it properly.  Maybe he is an escape artist.  Maybe the cat "sprang him".


And Ben made a mess!

I admonished Ben very gently, reminding him that this was no way to live in the home of an English Gentleman.

Then he and I sang "God Save The Queen".


These things happen - they are petty annoyances.

And there are joys and delights.

The following photo' is of Ben as he slept last night  (Monday/Tuesday).  It's not the same as the "roaching" photo' I posted the other day.

I do not aim for dignity.  I aim for comfort.

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  1. My Andy did that at 4am the other morning, just got to love um.