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What a difference 36 hours makes.

After a day and a half on her meds Penne has stopped itching and scratching.

Her appetite is now good, and her energy level has bounced back,

Now my job is to keep her on the meds for the next 13 days in the hope of a full cure.

(She is my darlin'),

Poor ole Penne - her Atopy

My dear and sweet Penne has endured skin and itch problems for many months.  We've had three visits to the Vet in recent months - the most recent being today.

I've tried some "folk" remedies  ( such as Flax Seed Oil in her food, and massaging Apple Cider Vinegar into her fur), but to no avail.

She's lost a lot of fur (bare skin in many places), and she's been clearly uncomfortable.,

The Vet  believes that her problem is chronic.  In technical terms it is described thus:

"Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory, chronic skin disease associated with allergies. In fact, this is the second most common allergic skin disease in dogs. These allergic reactions can be brought on by normally harmless substances like grass, mold spores, house dust mites, and other environmental allergens."

My vet has prescribed a regime of three drugs (Cephalexin, Predinsone, and Hydroxizine) to be administered for  two weeks, after which we'll have a follow up visit.

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Pizza anyone?


A bit about history, a bit about words: Emir/Admiral

The Norman Sicilian state, which encompassed the island of Sicily and much of southern 

Italy, was one of the earliest precursors of Renaissance Europe. The "half-heathen" kings of 

the House of Hauteville, Roger I and Roger II, ( see below) were brilliant, tolerant rulers 

who  managed to integrate a populace of western and eastern Orthodox and Muslims into 

one  state. Their senior naval officers were Muslims who adapted the word "emir" (lord) into 

what  became the  word "admiral" (a lord of the sea). 

The only English churchman to serve as Pope  was called to   the Papacy from Norman Sicily, 

where he had been a cardinal archbishop.  There was a fair  amount of trade and interaction

between Normandy, Norman England and Norman Sicily in  those years, so becoming an 

archbishop in a different part of Europe was  not as unusual as it  would have been in later 


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The ever perceptive J. Mary Luti

The Revd. J. Mary Luti was my colleague when we ministered in Cambridge, MA. I was in awe of her ministry at the First Church (UCC), right across the street from Cambridge Common.
She is a wise woman. 
Here is her perceptive commentary on  an encounter she recently had in Spain.