Friday, 3 November 2017

DANGER BRIDGE OUT! (or that pesky Gremlin again)

I have a bridge on my bottom teeth to replace a tooth with a root so rotten that the Endodontist, honest man that he is, would no recommend a crown. 

I should say that I had the bridge, because it has gone AWOL.  Has the Gremlin been at work again?

BY WAY OF BACKGROUND (1)   I am a restless sleeper.  I sleep talk, I sleep laugh, I sleep walk.

BY WAY OF BACKGROUND (2)   I usually put the bridge in a tumbler of water before retiring for the night. I sometimes forget to do this.

When that happens I sometimes find that I have removed the bridge in my sleep and tucked it under my pillow.  I've also been known (again whilst sleeping) to throw the bridge across my bedroom.

Whatever I did last night (Thursday/Friday) the bridge has gone awol,   I cannot find it.   I have searched high and low -  no it's not under the bed, nor did I put it in a drawer or in my freezer during the night (you'd be surprised at what I do whilst sleep walking!)

It's nowhere to be seen. Did I flush it down the toilet?  Did it fall into the trap underneath  my bathroom sink? (I'll check the trap tomorrow).

Will it present itself three months from where I least expected to see it?   (This sometimes happens with lost articles). 

Failing my search and rescue efforts I'll be off to my Dentist on Monday to be fitted for a new bridge.  Think of it this way  "Povey invests in new infrastructure" 

Yours, baffled and amused, JMP

Thursday, 2 November 2017

There are Gremlins, and there are.........

There are Gremlins.

They are not all made by the now defunct American Motors Corporation.

AMC Gremlin

There are photocopier Gremlins.

Remember the days of frequent paper jams?  Some thirteen years ago when I was the Rector at St. James's Church in Cambridge, MA I came across the then "Clerk of the Vestry" (the wonderful James A) as he rushed to make photocopies before our Vestry meeting.  Dear James encountered some pain in the neck paper jams.

He ventured "this photocopier has a soul, and it is malevolent". I knew exactly what he meant.  The gremlins had been at work.

Some gremlins assailed me this afternoon.  I returned home from my exercise regime at the SRQ  YMCA, and could not find my Y pass.


Had it dropped out of my pocket as I left the Y?

Had it dropped out of my pocket when I shopped at my local Ace Hardware on my way home?

Had I dropped it in the car? (my extensive search was fruitless).


A bit later I went over to Glen Oaks Manor  to visit my nonagenarian friend Betty.  Once in her house I reached into my back pocket. Lo and Behold, the pass was there.

Had it been always there?  NOT A CHANCE!!

You know and I know that the Gremlins had spirited the pass out of my pocket, then returned it later, just to confuse me.



But for every Gremlin there is also an ANGEL.

One such is Rose Marie who migrated from Hanover, Germany to the U.S.A. some sixty years ago.  I have gotten to know Rose Marie and her very scruffy dog Heidi in my peregrinations in the neighbourhood.   

I hadn't seen Rose Marie since before September 18th 2017 on which day I flew to the U.K.

We bumped into each other this evening.  Rose Marie let Heidi off her leash, and the latter came scampering down for a love-fest with her Uncle Michael.

Then the Angel Rose Marie and I had a lovely reunion.

She made up for all the Gremlins in my life!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Lunch and the melancholy and beautiful sound of "Taps"

I was the guest of Melba H-K for lunch at Marina Jacks today with her husband Carl, and Carl's caregiver Imani.

It was good to eat alfresco with nice views of the Marina and SRQ's famous dolphin fountain.

Sarasota Marina

Marina Jacks from Bayfront Park

Dolphin Sculpture

I ate the

Bunless “Bleu Cheese” Burger .................................................................................................Ten Ounce Certified Angus Ground Beef Patty Topped with Bleu Cheese and Sautéed Mushrooms, Served over our Marina Jack Harbor Salad. Seasonal Fresh Fruit (very little fruit on my salad!)

It was good, but as I often think about Marina Jacks food, it could have been better. Since MJ's has a near monopoly on bay front dining in SRQ maybe they do not have to try that hard.  

And I was in touch with my pet gripe! Why are portions in so many SRQ (and American restaurants in general) so huge!  It pains me to see so very much wastage as uneaten food is removed from the Tables.  I could not manage all of my salad!  It's time to launch a crusade for smaller portions.

The Britannia Dining Room on the Q.M. 2 Liner served four course dinners.  But each course was small enough to be so delicious that most plates were eaten clean.

Ooops! I was at Marina Jacks today, not on the QM 2.

All that having been said I am grateful to Melba for her gracious hospitality, and for the pleasure of good company for lunch.


 As I walked back to my car I heard the clear and unmistakable sound of "Taps" I paused to listen.

I can only imagine that there was a Military ceremony somewhere in the Marina, prior to a burial at sea.

So lovely.  So heart-jerking. So solemn.


AND THERE IS THIS IN THE U.K. and other British Commonwealth Countries.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Wisdom from a Basque Patriot

Jose Antonio Aguirre 1904-1960 was a Basque Patriot and Nationalist, and a devout Christian. I read about him in the book

In 1931 Aguirre addressed the Cortes in Madrid thus:

I am affiliated with the Basque Nationalist Party founded by Sabina Arana Goiri. The PNV has for a motto: "Jaungoikua eta lagizarra, God and the ancient laws". In naming God in the first word, we understand that the party wishes to be religious,  and in the phraseology of the left and right. ridiculous phraseology, we have a a well defined position: We are Catholics, virile and upright, in a human Catholicism, not a bigoted sentimentality. For us, in this phraseology to which,  I have alluded, if you are on the right you are opposed to the legitimate process of democracy, since it opposes absolute power. If that is what being on the right means, then we are leftists. If being on the right means defending any kind of regime as long as it is identified with religion, and against the absolute separation of powers of church and state, then we are leftists. And if by being rightist, it is understood that in social matters we oppose progress for the the working class, if that is what meant by being on on the right, then we are leftists. But, on the other hand, if to be a leftist means we are going against family, against the holy principles of the Catholic Church, whose rules we observe, then in this phraseology which I find ridiculous, we  are right-wingers"

Jose Antonio Aguirre

Basque Provinces if France and in Spain

Read more about Jose Antonio Aguirre hereé_Antonio_Aguirre_(politician)

Read more about the book here