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l'état, c'est moi (and some mini rants)

Louis XIV of France probably did not say that even though it is always attributed to him.

This is not Louis XIV, nor is it Napoleon Bonaparte.  But to President Trump, alongside many Chief Executives in very many Nations (and the members of the  current U.S. House and Senate), Lincoln's wisdom and words seem to be forgotten.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. Abraham Lincoln (Gettysburg Address).


Now for the rants!
(a) I have no patience with various  journalists (and some of my friends) who speculate about President Trump's mental health.

They do not have the professional expertise to make such a judgment. There may be a "feel good" aspect to these speculations but a definitive diagnosis of mental illness can only be made by a medical professional.

What I can say based on his tweets and questionable public statements is that the…

When yer younger brother is a wise guy/smart ass.

Brother Andy (six years younger than I) and his wife Izzy came from Bristol U.K. to visit me in SRQ last December.

We had a great time.

Andy sent me a thank you gift.  It arrived today (Jan 12th 2018)

He'd told me in advance about the gift (and I feared that it might be something to wear).

That was not the case (phew!), 

Instead it was a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle about a home town football (soccer) club.

HOW VERY NICE you might think, except that in my home town there are two football (soccer) clubs, and they are mortal enemies.

Andy has the misfortune to be a fan of  the  Bristol Rovers Football club.

I am a fan of the greatly superior Bristol City Football Club!


Brother Andy was ranking on me, as only brothers can do. 

I love it!  I grinned from ear to ear when I opened the parcel. I love his teasing. 

Thanks Andy. I'll work on the puzzle when I am snow bound in Sarasota! 

But you should have sent …

Protesting/ complaining brought good results.

This is my T.V.  (You may have seen one like this in an antique's store)

It's more than I need 'cause I rarely watch T.V.  (The last time was in September 2017 when Hurricane Irma was in my neck of the woods, though I did see some wondrous BBC programmes when I stayed with family members in England last year.)

It  stands all lonely in my sitting room and it can stay there, since my basic Comcast  T.V. service fee is included in my monthly Condominium Association assessment. ( have no choice in that matter even though I am not a  T.V. viewer)



But I need/want/ desire Comcast WiFi  internet service for my internet use (mostly e-mail, Face book, and my blog, never  for streaming movies and the like.

In 2016 Comcast charged me $66.65 per month for this Wi-Fi service

In 2017 the charge went up to $75.65.

In 2018 to $81.72.

Of these charges $ 11 per month was  the outrageous Comcast rental f…

An honourable businessman (and other musings).

I had contracted with one Mike H to train Izzy.

He was disappointed that I had surrendered Izzy to HSSC and not continued with his training method.

The contract I signed stipulated "no refunds under any circumstances".  Nevertheless he insisted on refunding 3/4  of my not inexpensive fee.

That, as we might say in England "was awfully decent of him".


Of courseI miss having Izzy in my home.  I took an early morning nap today.  When I woke up I said out loud "Oh Izzy, I forgot to take you for a walk this morning".

Then I remembered that Izzy no longer lives with me.

I miss her.

I need a dog in my home and life. Maybe Zion will take up residence by Jan 20th.


MeanwhileAdelaide the cat is having a field day.  She got revenge for her involuntary confinement by walking …


Can't wait for these chilly SW Florida days to end so that we can moan about the humidity.

You silly Goose

At the lakeside of my home.

Such gorgeous and handsome water fowl.

But as senselessly honky and noisy as a group of Bishops and Priests!

God forbid that they nest.  If that happens the Ganders will be viciously protective of the Geese, their nests, their  eggs, and their offspring.

Random stuff!

I never cared for cocoa until this cold snap.  (By the way, what is the difference between cocoa and hot chocolate? )

My new French Press Coffee maker came with a four minute "egg timer" for brewing time.  Wonderfully low tech.

Adelaide says, now that Izzy is no longer in our home. "Free at last, free at last.  Thank John Michael I'm free at last!" =========================================================
This is Zion, a two year old spaniel/mutt/Heinz 57;  and a bundle of affection.  
The canine behaviour specialist at  the Humane Society of Sarasota County and I took him up to the cat area.He moseyed around without any particular interest in the (caged)  cats, even with a kitten who let out a squawk and did a back flip when Zion wandered over to its cage.  That's a good sign that he will be cat friendly. HSSC has placed a hold on him and I…