Wednesday, 10 January 2018

An honourable businessman (and other musings).

I had contracted with one Mike H to train Izzy.

He was disappointed that I had surrendered Izzy to HSSC and not continued with his training method.

The contract I signed stipulated "no refunds under any circumstances".  Nevertheless he insisted on refunding 3/4  of my not inexpensive fee.

That, as we might say in England "was awfully decent of him".


Of course I miss having Izzy in my home.  I took an early morning nap today.  When I woke up I said out loud "Oh Izzy, I forgot to take you for a walk this morning".

Then I remembered that Izzy no longer lives with me.

I miss her.

I need a dog in my home and life. Maybe Zion will take up residence by Jan 20th.


Meanwhile  Adelaide the cat is having a field day.  She got revenge for her involuntary confinement by walking through the kitchen floor which I had just wet mopped, and then leaving her paw marks all over the house.

She is back to her old teasing tricks by which she comes close to me, utters a plaintive miaow, and then runs away when I try to pet her.

But on the other hand,  when I was reading this afternoon she jumped onto the coffee table, and from there to my lap for a bit of TLC.

We live with cats on their terms.


Today I had lunch at the Oasis Cafe on South Osprey with St. Boniface friend Meade F; stopped by to see friends Jack and Donna (both in ill health) -   (they were not at home, but I left them some goodies) ;  and had a evening  snifter with newish neighbours John and Janice.

It's good to get out and about.


This picture is apropos nothing, but I thought that it would draw your attention  I have been fooling around with various settings on my I pad. This one is called Kaleidescope.,

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