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There is more public outrage in the U.K. and U.S.A than is healthy.

Too much outrage about too many matters.

Hush  Think   Reflect.

Listen to the other side.

Hush again.

Count your blessings.

Now speak .... gently.

Canine cousins? - separated by an Ocean

POVEY FAMILY POOCHES.  One British, the other American -  but with quite a visual resemblance.

"Purdy" the dog who was adopted by my niece Laura about six months ago, in England.

"Penne"  the dog that I adopted about 18 months ago in the U.S.A.

“the memoirs of a beautiful boy”

Selective compassion.

There has been a lot of rain today in Sarasota. We received over 3 ½ inches in about 12 hours. There has been some local flooding, but none which has driven people from their homes.

I like rain (‘tis a particularly strange pleasure for folks born in England), and I am grateful for every drop which falls in oft-times parched Florida.

It has been bearable. Nonetheless, I have been a bit grumpy, since it’s been hard to walk with my dog in some of today’s torrential downpours.

I was delivered from my grumpiness when, as I walked in the rain, some muse reminded me of the disastrous floods in Pakistan. I have read about those floods, but since I (almost) never watch television, I had no visuals to remind me of the horror which is being endured by more than 14 million members of God’s family in Pakistan.

“Why”, I asked myself, “have you had no compassion for the suffering people of Pakistan?”

As I dug deeper into my thoughts I, to my alarm, found that I was thinking thus:
First: that so …