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The ship, the ocean, the beauty, the fear.

"Iwas not sure where I was going, and I could not see what I would do when I got there. But you saw further and clearer than I, and you opened the seas before my ship, whose track led me across the waters to a place I had never dreamed of, and which you were even then preparing to be my rescue and my shelter and my home.” 

― Thomas Merton

Picture and text via Bruce L

United Kingdom Politics

via my nephew Richard T

Not Gourmet. Unhealthy. Delicious. Comfort food.

Start with yer Mac 'n Cheese.

Made from scratch is the best.

If that is not possible/feasible
 (1)  Never use the awful boxed stuff (2) Supermarket frozen is o.k.
 (3)  I, to my eternal shame, buy the ready made stuff from the supermarket cooler section.  It's not wonderful, but with a bit of added blue cheese it is just about palatable, and perfect in size for those of us who live alone.
SO  as yer mac 'n cheese is cooking or being heated, stir in some salsa of the flavour and hotness you prefer,

As the mac 'n cheese is bubbling away fry some American bacon  ("streaky" in the U.K) until it is crisp and crunchy.

Cut it into 2" strips and  add it to the mac 'n cheese.
Oh my!  Not Gourmet.  Unhealthy.  Delicious.  Comfort food. Do not tell my or your cardiologist  that you cook and eat this.
Instead, add one cooked pea to make it healthy!

At the Veterinary Clinic this afternoon

Took Zion for his annual portabella nasal inhalation


Hint Hint

OR    Read between the lines

OR   Consult the tea leaves

OR    Figure out for yourselves what Mueller cannot say out loud

Robert Mueller at his lawyerly best.

When they see or hear what we cannot see or hear.

Rooted to this spot for thirty minutes.

Goodness gracious.  He is handsome even from the back.

My Memorial Day 2019. Fountains of Water. Fountains of Blood, Mud, and Body Parts

As is usual Zion and I were at Arlington Park, SRQ early this morning.

I paused for five minutes to look at the Fountain.

Above the fountain was a cloud of mist which ascended to the skies.

I purposefully took time to muse and mourn about the tragic meaning of Memorial Day.

I thought of other fountains.  The fountains of blood, mud and body parts:

In the Great War -  not a war for our freedom, but a war of the pride of Kings, a Kaiser and a Tsar.  

Young men blown into the skies without a trace of skin and bone to be buried.  

Other young men blown into death and perhaps buried as no more than a collection of body parts. They were 
French and Algerian (I have viewed Muslim Soldier  WWI gravestones stones near Soissons, France); 



British and British Empire subjects (including New Zealanders, Australians, Canadians and many many(Asian) Indians, 

American etc

Many of the living were a stone's throw from painful death as they were weeping for their mothers. 


A Hymn For Memorial Day

Father Eternal
Father eternal, Ruler of creation,
Spirit of life, which moved ere form was made;
Through the thick darkness covering every nation,
Light to man’s blindness, O be Thou our aid:
Thy kingdom come, O Lord, Thy will be done.

Races and peoples, lo! we stand divided,
And sharing not our griefs, no joy can share;
By wars and tumults love is mocked, derided,
His conquering cross no kingdom wills to bear:
Thy kingdom come, O Lord, Thy will be done.

Envious of heart, blind eyed, with tongues confounded,
Nation by nation still goes unforgiven;
In wrath and fear, by jealousies surrounded,
Building proud towers which shall not reach to heaven:
Thy kingdom come, O Lord, Thy will be done.
Lust of possession worketh desolations;
There is no meekness in the sons of earth;
Led by no star, the rulers of the nations
Still fail to bring us to the blissful birth:
Thy kingdom come, O Lord, Thy will be done.

How shall we love Thee, holy, hidden Being,
If we love not the world which Thou hast made?
O give us brother …

The Best Birthday Celebration

Thank you for so many loving greetings.  It's been a great day.

Wonderful birthday brunch today  at the Peridia Golf and Country Club, Bradenton FL with friends, neighbours, church folks, and Ben's Bar pals.

Here are some candids (most taken by my friends Bill B. thank you Bill)

What Fun!

Back in April, at the Marina Jack restaurant, I had an early birthday dinner,  which was also a farewell to friends Ann, Wes, and Cindy who are moving away day.

Those friends,  Anne, Wes, Cindy (with Ted and Judy Copland