Sunday, 26 May 2019

The Best Birthday Celebration

Thank you for so many loving greetings.  It's been a great day.

Wonderful birthday brunch today  at the Peridia Golf and Country Club, Bradenton FL with friends, neighbours, church folks, and Ben's Bar pals.

Here are some candids (most taken by my friends Bill B. thank you Bill)

What Fun!

I made a speech -- are you surprised?

With Ashley (Chrisman) Lloyd.

Dearly beloved Ron and Char

Back in April, at the Marina Jack restaurant, I had an early birthday dinner,  which was also a farewell to friends Ann, Wes, and Cindy who are moving away day.

Those friends,  Anne, Wes, Cindy (with Ted and Judy Copland who are not moving away) were kind enough to give me presents -  which I did not open until today -  my birth date.

I was, as is usual on Sunday mornings, with my friend Barbara B at Panera Bread, where I opened the cards and gifts from Ted and Judy, Wes and Cindy, and Ann.

Lovely New Hampshire made candle holder and candle.  I didn't mean to look grim!

Oh Lucky Man! graced with so many good Sarasota friends.

I want to be 75 again next year!

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