Saturday, 1 June 2013

Oh how sillly.

I visited the ATM  (Cashpoint ) at my local Bank this morning to withdraw some greenbacks.

An older  woman was ahead of me in the  line,  but it soon became  clear  that the ATM  could not  give her the cash she needed.

I heard her mutter "why will this machine not work for me?"

I offered my help, which she readily  accepted..

Thereupon I asked her to re-insert her ATM card (which again did  not work).

As this I began to grin, for  with all  the grace I could  muster, I had noticed something.unusual

So  I  said:

"Ma'am  you are inserting  your driving licence, not your ATM card"

That indeed was  the case.

The woman was entirely embarrassed by her mistake,

But she was able to relax (I hope)  as I assured her that these human errors are very  common,

Friday, 31 May 2013

Progress etc

My brother Martyn is making slow but good progress after his major surgery last Sunday.  For this we are very grateful.

Please continue to pray for him and be grateful for his fabulous wife and children.


We've had three days in SRQ in which it has been humid and overcast - leading us to believe that it might rain.

No such luck until this afternoon,  when it rained heavily for about an hour.  It's not enough to soak our parched earth, but it is a step in the right direction.


I was dive bombed by a crow as I walked this morning, then the wretched bird did the same to Penne. It scared the living daylights out of both of us.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

worrying for my brother Martyn - preaching at St. B's - eating with dear friends.

I preached at my home parish, St. Boniface, Siesta Key, FL this morning.  It's Trinity Sunday, a day on which I delight to preach.

Even as I was preaching I realised that the second half of my sermon might be in the nature of a "Povey Rant", so I omitted it at both services. Depending on how things go (see below) I may post the whole darn thing tomorrow.

Then at noon I gathered with seven good friends for a "celebration of birthdays" brunch at

I ate Crab Cakes Benedict -  they are superb.

"We" were: -  

Ron and Charlotte Thompson (Char's birthday was in early May);

Barbara Dunne,

 Kay Dohoney (whose birthday is on 7th June);

Ben Morse (whose birthday is 22nd June),;

Bob Lewis,

German Rodriguez,

and me - my birthday is  today!

What a wonderful celebration,.

But I had some deep worry

My brother Martyn underwent emergency surgery this afternoon/evening (May 26th)  at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol, U.K.

The surgeon described what she called "very difficult surgery" during which she removed two thirds of Martyn's heavily ulcerated colon, and inserted a colostomy. Martyn is now heavily sedated and in intensive care, on a ventilator. 

This will be the case for the next few days - and is mostly precautionary - some time to allow Martyn's body to begin its healing. 

It's all very shocking since Martyn had been symptom free until last Tuesday. It seems that his colon has been injured as a result of diverticulitis.

My dear sister-in-law Wendy is at home with their daughter Laura (24).  Their son Sam (17) is away until later this evening.. Laura has a cool and level head and has been a super companion to her Mum. 

They have not visited Martyn post surgery, but may go to the hospital later this night so that their presence in his room can express their love. This is all very distressing.


Martyn is the youngest of my four brothers.  We adore each other.  I wish that I could be at his bedside.

He and his son Sam visited me here in SRQ in 2011 and in 2012. (Wendy hates to fly so she did not join them).

By the grace of God -  Ron, Char, Bob, Ben, Kay, and Barbara with whom I had lunch today know Martyn. So they were able to share my sadness and concern.