Saturday, 1 June 2013

Oh how sillly.

I visited the ATM  (Cashpoint ) at my local Bank this morning to withdraw some greenbacks.

An older  woman was ahead of me in the  line,  but it soon became  clear  that the ATM  could not  give her the cash she needed.

I heard her mutter "why will this machine not work for me?"

I offered my help, which she readily  accepted..

Thereupon I asked her to re-insert her ATM card (which again did  not work).

As this I began to grin, for  with all  the grace I could  muster, I had noticed something.unusual

So  I  said:

"Ma'am  you are inserting  your driving licence, not your ATM card"

That indeed was  the case.

The woman was entirely embarrassed by her mistake,

But she was able to relax (I hope)  as I assured her that these human errors are very  common,

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