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I did not go to Church today

I didn't go down to Church this morning for the Palm Sunday service.
Palm Sunday in the Episcopal Church is a hybrid.
Its full name is “Palm Sunday: The Sunday of the Passion”.
That name indicates the nature of the service.
It begins with a commemoration of the “event” when Jesus (according to the bible) entered Jerusalem mounted on a donkey.The service disposes of that very quickly (usually with the singing of the terminally boring“All Glory, Laud and Honour”), and then moves to a reading of one or other of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ betrayal, trial and crucifixion.
It’s all too much for me.It “feels” as if we were to re-enact the marriage of Charles and Diana, and then recall her tragic death – all in the space of 70 or so minutes.
Mostly it’s all too much for me because of the “words, words, words” which dominate the service, with never a minute for silent reflection, (see my grumpy blog for last Sunday).
So I skipped Church this morning. Instead I drove down to Sarasota Bay, sat …