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My videos from two years ago

Just came across two videos which I had forgotten, showing my beloved Penne from two years ago.

I often called her Sweet Pea.  

I've been doing the same with Zion, but perhaps  (using American pronunciation) I should call him Sweet Zee.

Oh dear.  I cannot figure out how to post the videos here, so I've shared them directly to Face Book.

I faked it and barely made it

On Thursday 19th Zion and I met my neighbours John and Janice for a glass of wine and some good conversation at the nearby Meadows Pub and Grill.  

It was a pleasant occasion (I had one glass of Merlot @ $4 and made it last for ninety minutes!)

A gentleman came up to our outdoor table and said "Hallo Michael, it's Tim".   Tim and I exchanged greetings and small talk. 

He moved away and I said to J and J "I haven't the slightest idea who that was".

As John, Janice and I left we encountered Tim and his wife. The wife said "so here's the therapy dog".

A light went on in  my dim brain.   I had shared a table with them two days before at a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon given by Anchin Pavilion.  There I had enjoyed their table fellowship.

I covered my traces by remembering that they were to drive north to Ohio on Friday 20th, and by wishing them bon voyage.

What Race?

I was at my Vascular Doctor's office today.
When I got home I checked the printed "Summary of Today's Visit"
Here is what I saw
Ethnicity: Not Hispanic or Latino
Preferred Language: English
I found the description of my ethnicity to be  mildly amusing, (defined by what I am not!),  and very sad. 
If I am "not Hispanic or Latino" what am I? Native American?  Pacific American? .  
Why must my supposed ethnicity be a matter of concern for any doctor, or butcher, or baker, or candlestick maker?!
Would a Hispanic patient be identified as "not Anglo"?
The identification of my race as "White" made me hopping made.
There is no such thing as the White Race.  It is a construct created by European Colonialists/Slave Traders/Slave Owners to justify their supposed superiority.
It is a White Supremacist notion enshrined in the American Constitution; in the defence of Slavery; and in the Jim Crow laws; and blessed by many Churches, (even to t…


I/we go through life speaking, hearing or reading words without a thought as to their origin.

One such word in the English language is "Disaster".  It developed in the days when disastrous events were thought by some to be caused by an ill alignment of the Stars. 

Disaster =  negative or ill stars.

(See below for the origins of dis and aster).

(I learned this from a Public Radio programme about disasters. The person being interviewed pointed out that William Shakespeare challenged this notion).

Men at some time are masters of their fates. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars But in ourselves, that we are underlings.
(Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene 6)

Please reply on the blog, or on Face Book with some other dis words which reverse, modify, or cast a negative light on the original word.

Here are a few starters:

grace     appoint   inter

     1. DIS 

aLatinprefixmeaning“apart,”“asunder,”“away,”“utterly,”orhaving aprivative…

Family Favourites

I have ten nephews.

I have nine nieces

I have eighteen great-nieces
I have seven great-nephews 

I know all their names but I do not know all their birthdays.

I have a great-niece and a great-nephew whom I have never met  (nor am I likely to do so).😞

Eighteen favourite great nieces!

One of the favourites is Bree.  She is ten years old today. We had a nice Skype (with camera) chat.

Bree is smart, intelligent, funny, empathic and all round cool.

She loves her Uncle and I love her.

P.S.  Bree and her Mum, Aunt,  and Grandparents are coming from the U.K. to stay with me in October.

Betcha wanna meet her!

Down Memory Lane again - this time in the U.K. (and probably the Republic of Ireland)

One of the central figures in "The House of the Spirits" is Clara. She is the daughter of Severo and Nivea.  In an early chapter Sevoro (a prosperous man)  is the first in his town (in Chile?) to acquire a car, (probably in the  1920's or 30's.)

His car is a British made "Sunbeam".  Oh boy!  That name brought back memories of those British Car manufacturers which are no more.

In this blog I will concentrate on the companies which became part of the Rootes Group (more about that later).  Here are some photo's.


No connection with the Singer Sewing Machine Company
Once the #3 in British Car manufacturers (after Austin and Morris).
An innovative Company

Much rain in Sarasota today.

We had a good, long and healthy rainstorm in SRQ today.

We needed the rain.  

Nevertheless it was all my fault.  

I washed my car this morning.  That almost never fails to summon forth a rainstorm.

Luckily Mr. Z and I had three good walks before the deluge.

But just as we thought that the storm had passed we took a few short pee walks, only to be soaked as the rain came back to tease us.

Ne'er mind.  Zion loves to be toweled down.  I bet that's true for your dog too!

For his urinary comfort I took Z for one last walk under cover at our local plaza.  He did his thing.

Then we encountered a young woman who works at the local man/ped studio.   She fell in love with Zion and decided that he should be a film star.

Her brother (waiting to drive her home?) took this photo'.