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A Most Disturbing Encounter


He Was Totally "Wasted"

Arlington Park Sarasota,  9th May 2019, 4:15 p.m.

He was totally wasted.  "He" being a fifty something man, shirtless, black pants (trousers), cast on his right arm -  prostrate on the ground near the water fountain.

He was on his mobile 'phone, blabbering incoherently, unable to rise to his feet.

As Zion and I walked by I asked if I should call an ambulance. "They're on their way" he mumbled.

I walked on, then turned back.  It was clear that the emergency services were not on the way, so I called 911.

I lost the call but the dispatcher called me back within a minute.  I gave her the details.

Within four minutes a County fire truck, a County ambulance, and three City police vehicles arrived -  (three Police vehicles? - well they never know what they could encounter - back-up is important).

These men (and they were all males) treated the wasted man with grace and respect.  They got him to his feet, walked him to the ambulance, and took him presumably to the drunk t…


The National Association Of Letter Carriers  (NALC) is sponsoring its annual Food Drive this Saturday, May 11th.

This is the largest one day Food Drive in the United States.

I am always disappointed at the low level of response. 

Surely it is not too difficult to leave a bag of non perishable foods by your mail box, and thus make a small effort to help Stamp Out Hunger.

I always leave bags of Breakfast Cereals ( Children don't long for Rice and Beans for Breakfast!) in the hope that some dear children will have a reasonably good start to the day.

Of course this is not the height of generosity on my part (I spent more on dinner out with friend yesterday), but I suppose that it is better than nothing.

Stay Away From My Kids

Each morning Zion and I get harassed and dive-bombed by this (Mocking?) Bird near the archway entrance to Bayfront Park.  There must be a nest nearby.

Poor Z. get so confused.  He hears a whoosh over his head, but by the time he looks around the has bird flown away.


Since about 30% of Face Book postings are about cats, and 20% about food here is my dinner pic.

This was at The Rosemary on N. Orange last night, May 7th.  Fillet mignon large shrimp, baked potato and asparagus, (preceded by a crisp green salad, and followed by Key Lime Pie), and one bottle of wine for every two guests, all for $30.

It's a fund raising dinner for the West Coast Black Theatre Troupe(the wine having been donated to the Rosemary to support the cause).

Truly delicious food, and all for a good cause.

Every Monday and Tuesday in May, reservations required.

And yes, it's at The Rosemary and not at the companion Rosemary and Thyme res…

May 7th A Great Day To Be Born


My tear ducts fill easily

At Arlington Park today.

Zion and I encountered L. (aged about two) as he was taking a tour of the park in his baby buggie,

As Z. and I grew near to L. and his Mom the wee lad cried out "Doggie, doggie".

Then the boy and the dog had a love fest!

Of course this brought tears to my eyes.

When I said goodbye, young L. cried out "Thank You".

What a charmer!


That's not all.  As we'd entered the Park we'd met a Sarasota Police Officer ** who had been on foot patrol in the Park.  She too had had a love fest with Zion.

He truly is a "dog for all seasons".  It makes me so happy that my beloved Z. brings pleasure to so many people.

** Arlington Park is generally  a safe place, but rumour has it that a sad, bad,  and pathetic man exposes his private parts there.  So the foot patrols by the Sarasota P.D.  will deter this horrid and perverted behaviour  and help to make the Park safe fo…

Not only is is it not getting better, it is getting worse.

The following is from a friend of mine, a talented woman who lives in P...., MA.  I respect her greatly.  She is doing her work  (and she does it well) and she has to put up with this shit. Grrh   I am so damn angry. 
"I’ve been busting my ass for this  group all weekend, working 12+ hour days, only to be referred to as the colored girl. Despite the fact that I’m wearing a name tag with my full fucking name. Ugh!"

NEEDED. (1) A demolition crew, (2) A low tech solution.

I bought an ink cartridge for my printer today.    I could have used a demolition crew to tear apart the utterly wasteful packaging.

There must surely be a more environmental and consumerfriendly way of packing the cartridges.  

And why is printer ink so expensive?  $27 is an outrageous price.

I walk a lot in Bayfront Park and Arlington Park, and gladly share the pathways with cyclists.
Some (not many) issue an oral warning when they are about to pass me.
Next to none have considered an old fashioned and low tech device to warn walkers that they are about to pass.

They are probably too expensive!