Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Stay Away From My Kids

Each morning Zion and I get harassed and dive-bombed by this (Mocking?) Bird near the archway entrance to Bayfront Park.  There must be a nest nearby.

Poor Z. get so confused.  He hears a whoosh over his head, but by the time he looks around the has bird flown away.


Since about 30% of Face Book postings are about cats, and 20% about food here is my dinner pic.

This was at The Rosemary on N. Orange last night, May 7th.  Fillet mignon large shrimp, baked potato and asparagus, (preceded by a crisp green salad, and followed by Key Lime Pie), and one bottle of wine for every two guests, all for $30.

It's a fund raising dinner for the West Coast Black Theatre Troupe (the wine having been donated to the Rosemary to support the cause).

Truly delicious food, and all for a good cause.

Every Monday and Tuesday in May, reservations required. 

And yes, it's at The Rosemary and not at the companion Rosemary and Thyme restaurant)

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