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When the Revd Manny Faria (Rector at St. Peter's Church, Beverly, MA) worked with me in Pittsfield, MA he said that I was quirky.

I accept that description whole-heartedly.


I created a UBER account last week, "just in case" I would need it someday.


This morning I took my car to the excellent "Sam's Auto" on  17th and Lockwood Ridge , SRQ for a simple repair.


I could have asked anyone of my pals to drive me home, but just for the sake of it, I booked a ride with UBER.

Logging on for my first UBER ride was a bit difficult, but once I had done so my driver arrived in good-ish time


I learned that

1  UBER is not cheap once the fare; the UBER  fees; and the voluntary (?)  tip have been totaled in..

2.  On the whole UBER costs are not much more or less than those of the traditional cab

3.  BUT Uber (and Lyft) enable a  much more timely service than the traditional cab  in smaller Cities suc…

I put the book down

I put the book down.  I'd been reading for an hour.
I tilted my head to the right, looking down.   
I held my jaw in a certain way.

And there I was, without conscious thought, there I was
looking just like my mother!

I am bingeing on Joyce Carol Oates

Her books are funny, dark, satirical  and have a deeply telling take on human life and behavior.

Her plots are deeply believable, they refuse to sugar coat human life and experience.

She understands human nature with its glory and shame.

Her books make for hard reading.

Joyce Carol Oates grew up in rural western New York State  (near Lockport). Here is her 2015 interview on WNYC.   I love her accent, especially in the way she pronounces "father"


Any other JCO fans out there?

Great Solar Eclipse.

Great Solar Eclipse, not Great American Eclipse, as the media has identified it.

O mistress mine (Miss Adelaide)

Her formal name is Adelaide.

Sometimes I say "Hallo Cat".

Or perhaps  "Hallo Fat Cat".

I've been known to call her "Your Whineyness".


Right nowher pee stinks to high heaven.  (U.T. infection?)  so it's off to the Veterinarian ASAP on Monday 21st August.

Mea Culpa

The photo' showing a full Boston Common which I posted re the Boston Witness for truth and Justice march on Aug 19th was in fact a photo' of the Women's March earlier this year.

Here is a the real thing from Saturday

Thanks to Meg H. for pointing this out to me.