Friday, 25 August 2017


When the Revd Manny Faria (Rector at St. Peter's Church, Beverly, MA) worked with me in Pittsfield, MA he said that I was quirky.

I accept that description whole-heartedly.

I have never eaten a Twinkie

I don't like Brownies

Nor Chocolate Chip Cookies

I strongly dislike Chocolate Cake

I rarely eat ice-cream  (maybe once so far this year)

I disdain doughnuts

Dessert does not delight me


Psst. don't tell my Cardiologist that 

I binge on Bacon about four times a year

I am easily seduced by Cheese (so I try not to buy it)

If I break down with tears and sobs to buy Steak it has to be Rib-Eye, with all that wonderful fat!

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