Monday, 21 May 2012

Shoe insults

Last year I consulted with a local podiatrist: Dr. Robert F Herbold Jr. D.P.M. 4717 Swift Rd., Sarasota , FL – 34231  because I was being bothered with a couple of bunions  (yes I am at that age).

I was very impressed with this Doctor.  He agreed that I had bunions, but he ventured that it was much too soon for surgery. (Now there’s a first).

Instead he recommended some “arch supports” to relieve the tension for my feet, a tension which was exacerbating the bunions.

What’s more -  he told me that he sells these arch supports at the miserly sum of $2.50 each (about 1/5 of the price in the local pharmacies).

He is an honest man, and I recommend him to anyone with foot problems.

So, a couple of weeks ago, having purchased some new walking shoes, I knew that I needed to buy a couple of new arch supports

I took myself to his office.

Once there, my mind went blank.

I wanted to ask his front desk Clerk if I could buy some “shoe inserts”, as I could not remember the words “arch supports”.

Instead, my tongue being twisted, I asked her if I could buy some “shoe insults”.


So let’s have it:  please respond to this with your very best “shoe insults”, e.g. “your loafers are lazier than a British Member of Parliament”(or something better).


  1. My walking boots insult me !! Yeah they stick thier tongues out to me.

  2. You "Brogue" is broader than your "Brogues"!

  3. Instead of insulting someone you should try walking a mile in their shoes, then at least you'll be a mile away from them and have their shoes!