Wednesday, 23 May 2012

“The Exotic Marigold Hotel”

I go to the movies/pictures, (do they still say “going to the pictures” in the U.K.)  about once every other year.

So far be it from me to recommend a “Moving Picture”. It’s all about seven Brits who retire to an Hotel in Jaipur,  India,

Despite my movie ignorance. I recommend “The Exotic Marigold Hotel” which I saw at Sarasota’s Burns Court Cinema today.  I saw it with my fellow “Brit” the wonderful Muriel Quinn.

I laughed. (‘Twas wonderful to be in a cinema where many attendees laughed out loud with me)

I got teary eyed – there were some poignant scenes.

And I was in awe at the skills of many actors - especially the well known- such as Maggie Smith and Judi Dench, and the less well known, such as Penelope Wilton and Dev Patel.

(In fact I think that Penelope Wilton excelled in her role as Jean Ainslie)

The film is funny. It is also truthful in its portrayal of British middle class retirees and of modern (Asian) Indians.

The Indian actor Neena Kulkarni had no more than two spoken lines in this film. Yet (in the role she plays) she is able to signify her understanding and approval of the fact that that her “arranged marriage” husband had always been in love with one of the male British retirees - she does this with no more than a movement of her lips.  That’s superb acting for you!

Here is the Wikipedia link for the film.

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  1. i never go to movies but this one had me interested.. even more so seeing your positive review!