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I am glad that you did not see this

As I was getting ready to take Penne for a walk this afternoon I began to root around with my right hand in a dish on my hall table, a dish in which I place my pocket change and my front door key.

I could not find the key.

Then I realized that I was holding said key in my left hand.

A Coffin for you? (Huma)


A lovely City. A bit of silliness.


Poor Penne, and my inattention.

My dog Penne  (the best dog in the world!) has been scratching and itching since mid-November.

That's not unusual for canines in Florida.

During the following weeks I gave her some good baths, and rubbed in an anti-itch medicine: all to no avail.

Last Friday I did what I should have done in November, and took her to the Veterinarian.

It turns out that this sweet girl had an ear infection which developed into a fungus which covered most of her skin.

The Veterinarian prescribed four different medications.  Each has a different dosage and frequency so I've made a chart to make sure that I got it right,**

Penne began to get better within twelve hours of her first meds.  The scratching ceased.

She is sweet enough to turn her head to one side when I administer ear drops.

She gobbles down the  pill and the two capsules in those peanut butter or chicken  flavoured "pill pockets".

Her energy has returned.

She is hungrier  than ever, She has "a way" of letting me kno…

Back in Memory Land (1952?) Bristol, U.K.

The  picture (below) was posted on the Facebook Page "Bristol Then and Now"

It displays Brenner Street in the Easton/Eastville area of Bristol, U.K. (my home City).

The "then" picture caught my attention. That's how I remember Brenner Street which is just around the corner from where my beloved Nanny Povey (my Dad's Mum)  lived. The houses at the end of the picture are on Foster Street.  Turn left there, and Nanny's home was at the next intersection, (with Robertson Road).,

I could also walk from Nanny's home via Chester Street and Wood Street to Brenner Street.

It was on Brenner Street (possibly on the shop front on the right) that I first saw a sign for "Coca-Cola".  Was I eight years old then, or ten?  - I cannot remember.

I suspect that sales of Coke had been unheard in the U.K.of during WWII.  It would have been at the bottom of the bottom of the list of necessary imports.

Thus, when first I saw that advertising sign for Coca-Cola, I…

Bacterial infection/Tornado/Cat comestibles.

Bacterial infection/Tornado/Cat comestibles.


1. Bacterial infection

I received a voice mail this afternoon from Dr. Novak (a colleague of my Primary Care Physician Dr. Kristen Paulus).

He was reporting the results of the stool samples I submitted on Friday.  (Yes, a Physician called me on a Sunday!).

It transpires that my recent diarrhea was occasioned by a bacterial infection in my stomach/guts.

Dr. Novak has called in a prescription for an anti-biotic to my local pharmacy. I'll retrieve the scrip tomorrow, just as soon as the pharmacy opens for business.

1.  I am glad that I saw my PCP on Thursday, (rather than sloughing off my symptoms), , and that she suggested an analysis of my stools.

2.  I am amazed that the results of the analysis would be revealed to me on a Sunday.

3.  I am more than grateful that I have excellent health care insurance in my retirement years.  This is an enormous privilege.