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More U.K. tourist tales/Sarasota attractions.

"The children"  Beth and Jordan took the Mote Marine boat trip yesterday.  They liked it a lot, and learned a lot.

They delighted in the Ospreys and the Pelicans, but above also else they were thrilled to see a couple of Dolphins, who put on stellar performance.

Best guess is that it was a mother teaching a young one to jump out of the water. curl over, and dive back down.

Back at home, they went down to our good sized community pool, and frolicked for an hour and a half.  They had the pool to themselves.

I had intended to take them to another of Sarasota's notable attractions, namely Total Wine.  But we ran out of energy, and deferred that visit.

I cooked supper.

For Jordan:  Roast Turkey, French Fries and Baked Beans  (U.K. style).
For Beth:  Roast Turkey, French Fries and Corn
For jmp"  Roast Turkey, Romaine Lettuce and Bean Sprouts.

I aim to please.

As we sat down to dinner they asked why I had not said grace on the previous days.  I said that as it is not a par…

Great Young People

My niece Beth and her b/f Jordan are super guests.

Yesterday (Monday 28th) in the early afternoon they spent a couple of hours rejoicing in the beauty of the Beach at Siesta Key, and the warmth of the Gulf waters before they were driven home by rain.

Later that afternoon they walk with Penne and with me, through a light and warm rain to visit with my pal Ben for his cocktail hour.

There they were, two hip young people from England, having a drink or two with five aging homosexual men.  They  (the aging men and Beth and Jordan) had a ball.

My friend John introduced Beth to a mixed drink called a "Cosmopolitan" -  and she was almost instantly hooked.  So dear and kind John made up a Ball Jar full of Cosmopolitan  as his gift to them -  I retrieved it from his home this morning.

Back at home yesterday evening, I cooked them grilled salmon, with spaghetti in carbonara sauce (they hardly "do" vegetables"!).  They think that I am a decent cook.

After dinner, and des…

They are here

They are here:  "they" being my niece Beth and her b/f Jordan, who are visiting from Bristol, U.K..

After three busy and action filled days at "Disney" they drove from Orlando to Sarasota, arriving at my home at about 1:20 p.m.

The first order of business was a "cuppa" (tea).

I asked if they were hungry.  Indeed they were, having not eaten breakfast at their Hotel in Orlando.

I know the way to the English heart, so I made some bacon sandwiches. I became an instant hero.

Beth and Jordan had decided that today was for "chilling".

So we took a couple of walks with my dog; went to the local 7/11; and had a long Skype video chat with my sister Ruth (Beth's mother) in the U.K.

I made supper/dinner at 6:30 p.m:  - some very tender sirloin steaks (cooked in butter), with french fries, baked beans,  and corn;   and cantaloupe for dessert.

Jordan and Beth fell into instant love with my cats, Ada and Adelaide. The feeling was mutual.

These cats receive…