Friday, 22 December 2017

Not that I am bragging (but of course I am!)

I am teaching Izzy to stay in place.

Here she is near the sliding glass door to the Lanai.

She is still there when I am about  20 feet away at the end of the hallway

She waited until I told her to come to me.

She will also sit and wait when I hold a treat in the palm of my hand, and not take the treat until I tell her do so so.

When we get back home after a walk I drop her leash to tell her to wait until I have opened the porch door.

She does so until I  I bid her enter the porch.

Then I ask her to sit until I have removed her leash, and to wait until I open the front door.  She sits and waits until I welcome her into my home.

Good Dog!

Lots of work ahead especially in training her to stay in place out of the home, and to interact with other dogs, large and small.


Here she is at rest  in her 33" long/20" wide crate  (which she loves) -  giving you a better sense of he size than does the above photo's.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Not to be ignored, or forgotten.(Others who serve America).

1.  Shane my USPS mailman.

2.  Eddie the WastePro guy who picks up my trash every Thursday.

Both are excellent in work and friendly in attitude.

I can count on them.

They too serve America, for which I am glad.

I depend upon their service

A gratuity to them at Christmas-tide was utterly appropriate  (and gratefully received).

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A tangled web of metaphors

 My favourite football (soccer) team is the Bristol City Football Club.  I have supported them through thick and thin (an awful lot of thin) since I was about nine years old.

Lowly BCFC met the mighty Manchester United in a * "Carabao Cup"  fixture today.

The result? 

BCFC 2 -  MU 1

We won!

Such was the excitement that a Bristol Sports Reporter/Journalist posted this to our local newspaper, the "Bristol Post"

"When Smith drove into the box, he almost laid the ball on a plate for Reid but for Daley Blind to pour cold water on the move, intercepting just as the forward looked to pull the trigger."

Untangle those metaphors if you can!


* The Carabao Cup

The EFL Cup (referred to historically, and colloquially, as simply the League Cup), currently known as the Carabao Cup for sponsorship reasons, is an annual knockout football competition in men's domestic English football. Organised by the English Football League (EFL), it is open to any club within the top four levels of the English football league system – 92 clubs in total – comprising the top level Premier League, and the three divisions of the English Football League's own league competition (ChampionshipLeague One and League Two).

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

What a difference a day makes

One swallow does not make a summer.  But I had a very good first session with Izzy and Michael Harvey: The K9 Coach


Mike told me of the shortcomings of training methods  (e.g. "treat training" rewards good behaviour, but does nothing for bad behaviour [you cannot "untreat"  a dog!].

He favours electronic collars.

The idea is that you use the collar to emphasize behaviour alongside  a verbal command. The collar emits tingles of varying intensity to teach  the dog about desired behavior.

(These collars are controversial in some quarters.  Do they cause pain?  I think and hope not.    I gripped  a collar in my hand - and found that the sensation is similar to "pin and needles").

Mike equipped Izzy with a collar, and in fewer than five minutes she was responding to commands.

The serious training will start on Boxing Day.  Mike will come to my home for the first two sessions, the third will be at his place.

Thereafter I can join in up to three training sessions each week with other owners and dogs -  for as long as I wish.  ( The Saturday sessions are at Marina Jack's in Sarasota - a busy place and a squirrel heaven!)

Between now and Boxing Day I will do some home based training. Izzy is already good at sitting and waiting on command.  Now I am teaching her to walk at heel (the idea being that if the dog walks ahead she/he sees him/herself as the leader -  but the leader must be me!)

She is a quick learner.  Already she will sit/ stay/wait on command.  I am teaching her this for when she encounters squirrels or small dogs.

There is a lot of hard work ahead -  I must be trained as well as Izzy.   It will be so worth while for our mutual good pleasure.

Mike Harvey things that Izzy has some Belgian Malinois in her heritage.

A young Belgian Malinois

Izzy: similar head and ears and tail.

 Mike owns two Belgian Malinois dogs, one aged thirteen  the other aged three.

In the event it was my joy and pleasure to see Izzy as she romped around Mike's  fenced in canine area with his two Belgian Malinois dogs, and without incident

Monday, 18 December 2017

Should Auld Aquaintace

Regular readers will remember that I bought an excellent Thanksgiving Dinner from "Fresh Market".

On the day itself my brother Andy and his wife Izzy (from the U.K.) enjoyed the feast, together with my neighbour Ed.

Then the leftovers.

My near the breadline neighbours were given enough for four meals.

I made about 4 quarts of Turkey Soup.

I mashed up potatoes and stuffing, binding them with an egg, for potato/stuffing cakes, (yummy fried for breakfast).

And yet more leftovers!

Enough to make two platefuls which I covered in tin foil and plastic wrap, and froze for future use.

I ate the last one today for lunch: Turkey, green  beans, mashed potato, stuffing. Almost as good as on the day itself  (but sans Cranberry relish).


Sunday, 17 December 2017

So that’s where it was

I try to be a creature of orderly habits, but sometimes.....

When I give Adelaide her morning and evening treats of wet food I always put the can and cover in the fridge before Izzy gets to it.


No not always. One of these cans went AWOL the other day. Couldn't find it anywhere.

That’s until it slipped off a rack in my Kitchen Counter Oven today, an Oven I had used this morning to make toast

Oh dear, there could have been a fire.

 Plastic lid all melted, food cooked.