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Bert and Polly

Bert and Polly

They live five doors away from my home.

They are the sweetest and most gentle couple.

Bert is aged 91.  Polly is 94. 

Bert has slowed down physically.

Polly is a bit "vague around the edges". She repeats the same stories over and over again.

They left yesterday  (17th April)  to spend the spring and summer with their son (and his wife), and their daughter (and her husband) in Indianapolis.

Every time they leave SRQ for their sojourn in Indiana, I wonder if I will ever see them again.

This makes me so sad.


Hi Pals

I had minor elective surgery yesterday.  'Twas nothing life threatening.  Rather it was a wee bit of surgery to make me more comfortable.

Ted Copland (my former Rector at St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key FL, and current friend and mentor) drove me to the clinic for the day surgery, hung around for much longer than we had bargained, then drove me home via the Pharmacy, where we left a couple of post-op prescriptions.

Thanks so much Ted.

This morning I got calls from three of my clerical colleagues, (Andi Taylor, Wes Wasdyke, and the aforementioned Ted)  just to make sure that I was alright.

This morning my dear friends Ron and Char Thompson  stopped by with a care package (including Char's famous 'healing chicken soup',  and a can of sardines)  - they know how much I like these little fish!.

All this care after a non-invasive, non-life threatening, and "snippy" bit of surgery.

 I should be so lucky. 

Why am I so blessed with such good friends?

I can only r…

Goosey, goosey, gander

In  the spring of 2014 a goose and a gander set up home near where I live.

The goose conceived and bore an egg.  A nest was made.

The gander, with his puffed up chest, was utterly aggressive when humans were anywhere near the nest.

Off they went, (goose, gander and fledgling)   (to Canada?) in the summer of 2014, only to return in the fall.

That old gander was still utterly protective of his spouse. and of their offspring.

The threesome left our neighbourhood  when winter began in December 2014.

Back they came about three weeks ago, the gander ever alert when humans were anywhere near his spouse and their child.

This  morning I saw mother goose and father gander circling around in the air, whilst their grown off-spring stayed on terra firma, all the while uttering plaintive honks.

The parents have now disappeared.  The child is still nearby, but she/he is all alone,  and still honking.

My guess is that Mr. Gander and Mrs. Goose have decided this: "Kid, you are now on your own. It…

Clerical Capers and Connections

Last Sunday, immediately after the 9:00 a.m. liturgy at St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, Sarasota, I had breakfast at the Oasis Café on South Osprey St, Sarasota.  The Oasis is the place to go for breakfast or lunch, all made from scratch.

I was there with the Revd. Barbara King, (she serves an Episcopal Church in Simsbury, CT), with her spouse, the Revd. Paul Briggs (who serves a parish in Manchester, CT), with their son Caleb, and with Barbara's mother Katharine  (who has homes in West Falmouth, MA Cape Cod) and on Siesta Key.

Barbara King, Paul Briggs and I have known each other for many years, dating back to when we each served in the Episcopal Churches "Diocese of Western Massachusetts".

I first met Caleb when he was a babe in arms, now he is wonderfully self assured lad aged about eleven or twelve.

'Twas a lovely visit.  Connections are important.


Sunday afternoon saw me at the home of M…

In with the new


Out with the old (2)

The carpet in my bedroom is so old, so dirty, so un-redeemable that it has to go.  It's way past being cleanable, and I am sure that it is a deep and safe haven for pet dander and dog hairs

It will go on Monday 13th, to be replaced by wood laminate  (easier to keep clean when you have animals which shed).

I've had to clear all my "stuff" from the bedroom and closet, so that the contractors can move the larger items of furniture before they rip out the carpet, and install the laminate.

Even though I de-stuffed when I moved from Cambridge, MA to Sarasota FL (2006) I still have too much clutter. Why, for instance have I been saving a baggy with various computer connectors, for a computer which I haven't owned in at least eight years?

And. oh the dust and cobwebs I found as I cleared shelves, and moved furniture!