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Looking for a mnemonic to help me remember it.  AHR " A happy rascal" -  suggestions please for 117
A new vacuum cleaner

So what's so great about getting a new vacuum cleaner.  This is a fairly standard "Hoover" bag less upright. BUT (a)  the dirt collection cylinder is so easy to remove and empty. (b) it has very powerful suction, and a strong "headlight". (c)  It has a swivel-head. (d) the revolving brush can be turned on with the flick of a switch  (for rugs and carpets. or off (for hard floors). 
 WAIT, WAIT THERE IS MORE.   It is CORDLESS.  This Hoover brand vac. comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries  (one for use, the other for back-up).  Each battery takes three hours to charge, but once charged, it is good to go for 50 minutes of vacuum cleaning.
No more un-plugging, lugging, and re-plugging from room to room. No more trailing and tangled cords.    Perfect for folks such as I who need to vacuum clean each day in this pet-hair shedding season.

New flooring 1

New flooring 2

New flooring 3

The two young men who are sub-contractors for Bob's Carpet Mart arrived at 11:00 a.m. this morning to tear out the rancid old carpet in my bedroom and walk-in closet, and replace it with "cherry" wood laminate.  They finished their work at 2:30 p.m.  That was fast!
I think that it looks good.
The poor cats had to be banished to my screened in porch for the duration, or else, with the workers frequently going in and out of the front door, the cats would have bolted and gone-a-hunting.  I also exile Penne to the porch for an hour (much to her chagrin) when I left my home to share Holy Communion with a St. Boniface parishioner  ( C.H.-K.)  who is in a rehab facility.
The young men who did the work were maybe aged 23 -25.   During the hours that I was at home I could listen in on their conversations, and I noted that they worked well together, and shared some good humour.
Their clean-up at the end was a bit less than stellar  (not terrible, but not great).
Nevertheless, grateful as I was for their speedy work, I "tipped" each one with a $20.
Tipping in this context  probably seems to be a bit odd to my U.K. friends.  But it seems to be the norm in these United States  where workers (such as the ones in my home today), are not well paid, and most certainly do not have benefits which should be the norm ( e.g. paid vacation times, health insurance, pension schemes).


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