Saturday, 16 February 2019

And the President said.....

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Based on previous works

Gottfried Heinwein (1984)  "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
James Dean, Humphrey Bogart. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley

which in turn was an adaptation of  an Edward Hopper (1942) painting: "Nighthawks"

The central theme of his work is the loneliness of city life, generally expressed through one or two figures in a spare setting - his best-known work, Nighthawks, has an unusually large 'cast' with four."

Friday, 15 February 2019

White Asparagus

Oh so good -  steamed, stir fried, roasted  - and even eaten raw.

National Emergency

The National Emergency is in the White House, not at the U.S.A./Mexican Border.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The Scottish Connection and Sarasota/

I saw this historical marker on Sunday last as I was walking back to my car after  lunch at the Marina Jack restaurant.

It's at the intersection of Gulf Stream (Rd ) and Main Street a bit east of Bayfront Drive and the Marina Jack complex.

Some of the more hardy Scots stayed here.  One was John Hamilton Gillespie who became Sarasota's first Mayor, and also helped to create the Church of the Redeemer, Sarasota's oldest Episcopal Church.

There is a funny spelling error on the historical marker.

Can you spot it?

What do you think the word should have been?

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Zion's influence worked!  I have been on a list for a shingles vaccination (there seems to be a short supply) since November.

The most recent time I checked with the pharmacy the clerk told me that the February shipment had not yet arrived, but that the Pharmacist had posted a big sign reading: "Zion's dad is the first to be called".  Yes, my gorgeous boy knows how to win friends and influence people -  he is one of the pharmacist's favourites.

The call came in soon after 6:00 p.m. today.  The pharmacy staff were alerting me that they had received supplies of the vaccine.

I was there within ten minutes, taking Zion with me as proof of identity!   I received my "shot".

Now let's hope that his influence is still efficacious when I am due for the booster vaccination in April.

Thank you God  -  I mean Dog!

Monday, 11 February 2019

Food for the soul: Food for the body


I came across this version of the ancient Christian prayer "Donna Nobis Pacem".

I think that the musicians are Norwegian.  I love the enthusiasm of the Conductor, and it maybe it's his lovely voice which is heard in some sections.

"Grant Us Peace".   This lovely video fed my soul.



The Lamb Curry I made today.  Hearty sustenance for the next three or four days.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

St, James's Cambridge connection and a great lunch with a very old man.

Some St. James's, Cambridge, MA will remember the fabulous Chris and Trish Morck who were part of our community in the early 2000's.

Yet others will recall that I had a little part in urging Chris towards ordination, and that by the grace of God he was in due course ordained in the Episcopal Church Diocese of Ecuador Central.

(How they came to be in Ecuador is too complicated to deconstruct  here , save to say that I had the utter privilege to travel to Quito some eight or nine years ago and to participate in the ordination.  What an honour and a privilege , I loved what I saw of Ecuador).

Time and life move on.  Chris is now the esteemed Rector at Grace Church, New Bedford MA.  Trish is a valued and essential staff member of the New Bedford School Dept., where her fluent command of the Spanish language is essential and valued.


Trish's parents Bill and Deb Ohnsurg are in town. They invited me to join them for lunch at the Marina Jack restaurant.

Aerial  view

It was a good meal.  Best of all Bill and Deb introduced me to their old friend and their former Presbyterian Pastor the Revd. Julian Alexander.

Julian lives in Sarasota's Bay Village. I found him to be engaging and astute. We "bonded" immediately. Julian Alexander is 102 years old!  What a great man.  What a pleasure and privilege to meet him.

Julian, Deb, Bill, jmp (1)

Julian, Deb, Bill, jmp  (2)

One funny thing.  I'd told the Ohnsurg's that I would wear a bright red polo shirt so that they could pick me out.  We were amused to see that bright red shirts were  in abundance - they are the colour of the Valet Parking attendants' uniforms.