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The rest of yesterday's tale (a black woman electrician etc)

The keyboard on my computer went a bit wonky yesterday, so I was unable to tell the whole tale.

Here it is

FIRST re  the image of a black woman as an electrician.

I did a Google Images search for "Electrician", and every darn picture was of a male.

So I had to do a second search for "Woman Electrician" and that's where the image popped up.

Isn't it true that when we think of "Electrician"  we inevitable "see" the image of a white male in blue jeans?

The image I posted was intended to make us reflect on our (unconscious) prejudices.


The Master Electrician and his apprentice refused to go home at my suggestion, when, at 7:30 ish the light was poor and the weather was atrocious.   The Electrician (Jacob) said  "I never go home until the customer's power is restored." 

I sloughed off to bed and began to sleep.   I was awakened by a tap on my bedroom door.  Jacob said  "you have full power, and we are leaving".


Hot and a bit bothered

I noticed yesterday that my shower water ..was tepid, even though I had turned on the water heater.

I turned it on again today, but still could not draw warm or hot water

Of course the breaker had flipped, but I could not reset it.   A call to a local business "Mr Sparky" led to a staff member being in my home within the hour.

The truth is that the entire breaker box is "shot" -  indeed some of the plastic components showed signs of melting.  Could have led to a fire eh?  It's a vintage box

So the entire box is being replaced, together with an outside box/   While they are at it the electricians are also installing three "wired"  smoke detectors  (about time you might say).

It's been a bit steamy in my home.  The work is being impeded by a huge thunderstorm, so there is now natural light  (one of them is wearing my "headlight" which I had bought for power off emergencies).

Just yesterday I had opened and tested my "emergency box&quo…

Nursing homes, Rehabilitation centres, and "Upscale" retirement "communities".

Not really. "Gates of Heaven"   This is "Oaken Holt" a mansion in Farmoor, Oxfordshiire, UK.  I worked there when it was a training centre for the old U,K. "Westminster Bank"

In my retirement ministry I spend a fair bit of time in Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centres, and "upscale" Retirement Communities.
 Retirement Communities
The greater Sarasota area has more than a handful of these.  They are elegant, exquisite and very expensive. They cater to our very wealthy retirees  - at a high price.  They are extremely well staffed. 
As befits their "station in life", the staff members from the lowliest dish-washers to the highest administrators are  (as T.S.Elliot wrote in "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
. Deferential, glad to be of use,        \Politic, cautious, and meticulous;Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;

Then th…

Lunch today ( a plate of healthy foods)

Vegetables:  Kimchi AND Sauerkraut.

Meat:  Nitrite and Nitrate free Chicken Hot Dogs,

Oh what a good boy am I!

Ooops, I forgot my side dish!  Not so healthy after all.

Not to worry.  I have learned to type, even as my tongue is in my cheek.

 Tee hee!  Silly me.

Watch cat

Adelaide keeps watch over an upside down Palmetto Bug which sneaked into our home.