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Food, glorious food.

I am eating so damn healthily.  Lots of fresh fruit, salads and roasted veggies. Next to no carbs.  Chicken and fish rather than red meat.  'Tis all very good.

And yet -  I had a deep appetite for lamb today.  So for dinner tonight I oven-roasted a  small shoulder lamb chop, together with zucchini, green pepper, parsnip and  carrot.

Will the healthiness of the roasted veggies out-way the fattiness of the chop?  

I need to know!

Prayers please

From    Ron and Charlotte Thompson

Dear Friends:
Please pray for our brave daughter-in-law, Liz, who learned yesterday that she has an aggressive malignant tumor; and for her children, our grandchildren, Josh, age 4, Julia, age 7 and Hannah, age 10, who at the moment do not know how sick their mother is; and for our son Matt who is holding everything together...and then... add a small prayer for our whole family. Thank you


(Ron and Char are good friends of mine.  I got to know them when I moved to SRQ in 2006  jmp )

The Woman who made Iraq.


Years ago I spent a couple of days and nights at a camp site near Bristol, UK.  It is known as Goblin Combe.

I slept in a cabin on a bunk bed.  The cabin was windowless.  After dark there was not the slightest glimmer of light.  I hated it.  I was totally unnerved by the absence of light.

What's more, I was in a sleeping bag.  My feet were trapped at the lower end of the bag.  This was unbearable - I wanted my feet to be free.

Even now, whether at home, or in an hotel, or at the home of a friend, I need my feet to be free from sheets, blankets or quilts.   The first thing I do when staying overnight with friends, or sleeping in an hotel is to "un-tuck" the top sheet and blankets so that my feet will not be trapped.  Should I have to use a sleeping bag I unzip it and use it as a cover, knowing that I will be unable to sleep should my feet be constrained within the bag.

When I was a seminarian (1972-1976) I took a  field trip with my year group  down a coal mine in Derbysh…

Photo's from Ecuador

My photo's from Ecuador are at

They are in alphabetical order by title.  I did not have time to sort them into chronological order.

A week in Ecuador (5) (posted a day late)

A week in Ecuador (4)