Friday, 24 February 2017

The Occupant


"The Occupant", or "The Child" is how I refer to the 45th President of the United States of America:

every time he says that the press is the enemy of the American People;

every time certain entirely reputable news sources and the like are banned from Press conferences;;

every time he rails against what he alone determines to be "fake news"  (i,e news that does not support his agenda)


EVERY TIME  he says and does such things I make three observations.

1.  Does he have something to hide?

2. Why do not my dear Republican friends; (The  old fashioned Dwight D Eisenhower/Gerald Ford/ George H.W. Bush Republicans) not rail against and resist the the Occupant's extremist views?

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

21st February (2) It won't be Tony

21st Feb: - I took myself to the Humane Society of Sarasota County to look for a rescue.

The adoption agent was keen for me to take Tony

This lovely 12lbs dog is a sweetheart and a lover.  When we met he snuggled up to me on sight.

I was tempted.

But he is not for me.  I need a larger  (40 - 45 lbs) dog  who has the energy for long walks, and the energy to "stride out".

Not to worry.  Tony is utterly adoptable, but not by me!


I am checking out various shelters and canine adoption sites,  Sooner or later I will "click" with a rescue who is just right for me, and I for her/him.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

21st February (1) JUST AT THE RIGHT TIME

I spent 2 1/2  days bawling my eyes out for the loss of my beloved Penne.

Then there were five days when I could not think about her without my eyes filling with tears.

Now, on this eighth day  (though still very sad) I have begun to rejoice in the utter joy which she brought to my life during  these past nine years.

Utter joy - but not just for me.

For you see, Penne had an uncle and aunt with whom she stayed when I was away.  She was as  much at home with them as she was with me. She was safe with them.  She was at home with them.

They loved her as much as I did.  They have been as sad as I at her passing.

Penne's aunt and uncle are my beloved friends Ron and Charlotte.


Today Char sent me three photo's of Penne when she stayed in their home.

This was JUST AT THE RIGHT TIME - the  day on which my grief for Penne has begun to be  modified by my gratitude for the years we shared together.

Penne on R and C's patio.

Such a gorgeous girl. Ron, Char and I will ever treasure her in our memories
New sniffing places when Penne was with her aunt and uncle.

Oh how I loved her.

Oh how much Char and Ron loved her.

Thanks Ron and Char

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Oh such joy.

I had breakfast this morning with a couple whose wedding I attended in Lynchburg, VA  a couple of years ago,   Zehra and Noah.

Noah was a parishioner at St. James's Church in Cambridge, MA  where I  was the Rector from 2000-2006.

I first met Zehra when she and Noah both worked in Tampa FL.   At that time we got together for a splendid dinner in the Tampa district called Ybor City.

Their wedding in Lynchburg was a splendid festival of colour, music, love and prayer, blending Muslim traditions from south India, and Christian traditions from north America.

Noah and Zehra were in town for the wedding of one of their Tampa colleagues.

The three of us hogged a table at Panera Bread today, and enjoyed each other for two hours.

What a blast!

Lentil "Burgers" YUM

I made a whole mess of Lentil Soup the other day.  'Twas good.

Having had too much of a good thing I woke up during the night  (Friday/Saturday)  with an idea to transform the soup into "burgers".

I drained some of the liquid, added two eggs and some bread crumbs  and shaped the thickened soup into patties.

Not bad!  I had two of the patties for lunch yesterday, with sweet potato fries and Heinz brand Baked Beans in Tomato sauce.