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Advent: Image from Bruce, words from Wes.

The Revd. Wes Wasdyke was the preacher at St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, FL on November 17th 2012.

Wes is a good friend and colleague.

One of the texts that Sunday  was Hebrews 10:11-25. Here is part of what Wes Wasdyke said:

“The reading from..... Hebrews urges us to “hold fast to the confession of our faith without wavering, for he who has promised is faithful”.  To “hold fast” means to be faithful, and to be faithful implies being obedient.

Obedience is an unpopular concept in this post-modern age; it’s not a word we use easily.

But an Episcopal monk whom I know speaks of obedience in a way which makes sense to me. He (the monk) explains it in the following way: ‘What God wants from us is the same as what God wants for us. So when God commands, we should listen, because God is not only asking something from us but is also offering something for us”. 

Remember, the gospel means good news. What God asks of us and gives to us is not burdensome; it is life giving”.

BLUE  - Wes Wasdyke…

Dwelling together in unity.

My heading is taken from Psalm 133 verse 1 which reads “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!”

My charitable heart wants to believe that the Psalmist meant “brothers and sisters”.

I've had three days’ worth of good and pleasant conversations in unity.
On Wednesday I had lunch at the ever dependable “Panera Bread” with my brother Wes Wasdyke.

Wes has had a dual career – as a Medical Doctor (Anaesthesiologist), and as an Episcopal Priest.

He and his good wife Cindy have homes in Nashua N.H. and in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

In retirement Wes is one of the “Priest Associates” at St. Boniface Church here in Sarasota.

He is a fine, solid, and thoughtful preacher.

It is always great to break bread with Wes, to talk about our convictions and hopes, and to share our mutual commitment to the God we know and love in Jesus Christ.

On Thursday I lunched with my beloved Andi Taylor at the Lobster Pot on Siesta Key.

 Andi is the Assistant Rector at our parish (…

Dave Macy - a "hero" of mine in Maine

A few years ago I traveled up to the Island of North Haven ME (in the Penobscot Bay).


I was there to preach and to  celebrate the Eucharist at the one and only church on this small and isolated island.

I was a guest of my friends Fred and Diana Emrich who spend half of the year on the island, and the other half on Longboat Key, FL.

It was a lovely weekend.  North Haven ME is a beautiful place.

But I could never live there (or on any small island).

I love the bustle of cities. I am glad to have three supermarkets, two post offices, and four banks within a mile of my home in SRQ.

It’s cool to live a twenty minute drive away from the SRQ airport, and no more than seventy minutes away from a larger airport (TPA in Tampa).

And I am less than a twenty minute drive away from our opera House, our Van Wezel performing arts centre, the fabulous Ringling Museums, and seven theatres.

All of this, and scores of restaurants – many scores!


Walking out

Penne and I walked out again this evening  (we've "done" 4 1/2 miles today).

Here is what we saw.

When I have time on my hands.....

.....  which is all too often ......

I amuse myself, and please my cats, by sprinkling some cat nip on the rug in my Lanai. 

That being done:


I saw this lovely photo' when my Facebook friend D.M. who lives in Alaska posted it. (He did not take it).

It's at the Denail National Park and Reserve in Alaska, and was taken on 21st Novr. 2012 at 9:30 a.m.

Dream, dream, dream ( a reference to the Everly Brothers song)

I sometimes remember my dreams.

Last night (Nov 24th 2012) my dream started near an airport.  I was awaiting a sister, but the exits were the entrances, and the entrances were the exit – so we never connected.

Never mind – my mother appeared on the scene.  She was wearing a woolen coat and a fine hat.  She was carrying an unopened bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry, with fresh red rose attached to the cork.

Mum told me that Queen Elizabeth II had died, and that she was taking the sherry to Buckingham Palace in case they had run out of wine.

I responded by telling her that the “Special Branch” (British FBI) would not allow her to enter the Palace.

Not to be deterred Mum set out. I followed.  We were in a grand Piazza. The British Army was firing Twenty One gun salutes.  A choir was singing the “Skye Boat Song”.

But the Piazza was flooded. My indomitable Mum found an un-flooded alley way.  I followed.

We came across a little cafe.  Mum pushed her way past the folks who were standi…