Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Walking out

Penne and I walked out again this evening  (we've "done" 4 1/2 miles today).

Here is what we saw.

Evening Sun 1

My favourite Gnarly Tree 1

My favourite Gnarly Tree 2

Penne's favourite flowers - she always stops to sniff them

Penne and my right foot

Evening Sun 2

We were also seen ( and I look as old as I am).

Yes, we were seen by a woman from the neighbourhood who took this photo'. 

The woman "adores Penne" (and the feeling is mutual)..  

She used to walk with a man, but I did not know if it was her brother, her partner, or her spouse.

 Today after she and Penne had engaged in a "love fest" I said "we've seen each other so many times, but I do not know your name".

"Sophie" she replied.

"Is that short for Sophia?" I asked.  "No" she said, "when my parents moved to the U.S.A. from Greece they anglicized my name".

She related that she had been born in Chicago of Greek parents.

I went into a peroration about the name "Sophia", asking her if she knew its meaning.  She did not, so I let her know that "Sophia" is from the Greek language, and that it means "Wisdom".

Then  Sophie  began to get very weepy.  Amidst her tears she told me that her husband (the man who walked with her) had died a month ago.

(I had wondered why I had not seen him in a while, but there are some questions we never ask).

Sophie went on to tell me that her husband (I discovered that his name was Patrick) had also adored Penne, and that when he was very ill she would walk back home and say "I saw Penne today" - which brought him great pleasure.

I promised Sophie that I would pray for her and Patrick each morning.

BUT DAMN  if only I had known how much Patrick liked Penne I would have taken her to see him in his terminal illness.


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