Saturday, 18 March 2017

I'll shut up about Ben (my new Greyhound) in a year or two.

Racing Dog Rescue Page "Official" photo/.
This is what I wrote on the Racing Dog Rescue Project's Face Book page.

Petey (now Ben) has settled in so beautifully. You'd think that he had always lived here.

Wherever I am he wants to be! He slept at the foot of my bed last night. He is very responsive to me, and is learning commands such as "stay" - I use this so that after a walk I can be sure to enter my home before he does.

He is the talk of the neighbourhood and is greatly admired. He has been so very good with the many dogs and people he has met.

Ben's favourite activity is riding in the car. That's tough, 'cause I have a car-port not a garage, and every time we walk out and then come back home he wants to get into the car.

Ben and my cat Adelaide are ignoring each other. I suspect that they will become friends (Adelaide adored my previous rescue, a terrier/retriever blend)

I've had to cage Ben just twice, He went willingly into the crate both times, and did not rip his crate bed apart.

I crated him today and when I got home I heard him whimper as I got out of my car.

I dare to believe that his whimpering did not begin until he heard the sound of my car. My previous rescue certainly recognised that sound - and as you know, dogs have finely honed hearing.

Ben will get used to the fact that I am sometimes away, but that I WILL ALWAYS RETURN!.

Ben is eating well,

If this was not a match made in heaven it was certainly a match made in Myakka City.

(And I have discovered that Ben is a toilet bowl drinker, so now I have to leave the lid down)

Friday, 17 March 2017

His name is Ben

He was whelped on 28th August 2013.

As a racing dog his name was BW BALLYS BOY.

At the Racing Dog Retirement Project in Myakka, FL  he temporary name was PETEY  (Americans please note  the old TV series  "Little Rascals" for the Petey Reference).

He came to share my home today.  His name is now BEN  (Partly because it is a good strong name in its own right, partly in honour of our dear and good friend Ben Morse who died last December).

Ben and I had a home visit last Wednesday.  That was a great success, so Geri from RDRP brought him to my home today to complete the adoption.

When she left my home poor Ben whimpered in distress.  I took him outside, and the poor child kept looking for her.

Later in the day I took Ben for a ride in my car, and as soon as we got back home he settled down with me and ceased to whimper.

Here's what I know on  day one.

He is a handsome lad!

He and  the cat are ignoring each other.

He loves to ride in the car.

He walks fairly well, but is easily distracted by scents and sights.

He does very well with other dogs.

As we walked this late afternoon we met  a cluster of four dogs -  Louis and Vittone, (male Standard Poodles who live with my friend Rick); and Kate and Annie - (female Labradors who live with my friend John).   Ben was utterly relaxed and at home with these four new friends.

(Rick and John are a married couple).

I went out this evening without  for about 90 minutes, so he had to be caged.

 He  entered his cage without protest. He  did not trash his bed as Geri had feared, He was cool and relaxed when I got back home.

He is eating, drinking, peeing and pooping quite normally.

Today has been a good beginning for what I believe will be a great friendship.

And did I mention that  "He is a handsome lad? !"

Ben on my Lanai

Regal looking  Ben on my Lanai

Ben on his bed in my Office/Bedroom

Ben,  in my kitchen,  deigning to stand,

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dinner tonight

At the Chart House, Longboat Key, FL with my friends Fred and Diana, and their guest Randy Dailey.

Beef Carpaccio* 

 with arugula, shaved parmesan & fried capers and crostini.

Darn good if I may say so.

Great table company too.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Yesterday. No pi or pie. But a wonderful lunch!

Yesterday  (3/14)  was not a day for Pi  (which I scarcely understand), nor for Pie (which I rarely eat).

Instead it was a day for lunch at Sarasota's fabled Mediterraneo Restaurant on Main Street in SRQ

Mediterraneo is a fabulous (northern) Italian Restaurant  where my sister Ruth and her partner Dennis treated me to a slap up meal at the end of their visit from Bristol (U.K.) last November,

I was there on Pi/Pie Day to enjoy lunch with one of Sarasota's finest, the estimable Barbara Ford-Coates

Most Sarasota County residents know Barbara as our elected Tax Collector,    As such she runs the most efficient and "user friendly" operations you could hope to encounter.

Get this O Ye of Benighted Counties.  Thanks to Barbara Ford-Coates, it is an unalloyed pleasure 
to do business in her Tax Offices in Sarasota, FL

See this:


But our lunch yesterday had very little to do with her public role.  

We met because we know each other as worshipers at St. Boniface Church  (Episcopal) on Siesta Key, FL.  

We each had a hunch that we would like each other.  That possibly  being the case we met for lunch.

That indeed was the case; we "connected" immediately.

We chatted a  bit about our Church.

We exchanged our views.

We talked a lot abort our  family members

All this as we chowed down on good food.


Life is good.   Thank you Barbara..

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Only a few will understand this.

I was a total duffer at mathematics in High School,

I do not know how to bake.

Today has been utterly wasted and lost on me.