Saturday, 27 October 2012

The saga of my car.

On Saturday 13th October 2012 the water pump on my Hyundai Santa Fe failed.  This led to a chain reaction of very costly failures.

I was sans-car for twelve days until, the repairs completed; my car and I were reunited on Thursday 25th October 2012.

I was also sans-funds!  On that Thursday I drove first to the bank at which I have a savings account, and then, laden with $100 bills I drove to the bank which hosts my checking (current) account, there to deposit them to meet the check (cheque) which I had uttered to “Sam’s Auto Repair”.

I also took my dog Penne for a ride – she regards this as a great treat.

On Friday 26th October 2012 I used my car to do a bit of shopping, I noticed a pronounced squeaky sound and guessed that one of the new belts needed some tightening.

So at 8:30 a.m. today I was back at Sam’s.  Gerry, their very excellent manager at first agreed with my guess.

But soon after my car was on the lift it became clear that something else was amiss.

It transpired that the car’s “Harmonic Balancer” was out of alignment.  “Heavens to Betsy” I had never heard of a Harmonic Balancer in a car.

“Wikipedia” has -  see  (cut and paste if necessary)

Gerry told me that Sam’s would not be able to fix the problem until next Monday 29th October 2012, and that I could use the car “with caution”.

My own sense of caution led me to decide to leave the car at Sam’s until the repairs are made.

Sam’s Auto (God bless them) gave me a ride back to my home.

Later in the morning my good pal Ben Morse (God bless him) drove me to my Opticians Office to pick up my new spectacles, and to a store where we  could buy some supplies for the weekend.

(It was by sheer coincidence that our route took us right by “Total Wine” – Ben’s favourite store!)

So once again I am without a car.  It’s a minor nuisance.

But there are blessings.

1. Sam’s Auto will not charge me for the new repairs. Gerry told me that they should have checked the “Harmonic Balancer” when they effected the previous repairs.

2. Ben is a good pal who is always ready to be kind, helpful and gracious to all of his friends.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Women in binders ( (Thanks Manny)

Mitt (hapless) Romney the Repuglican nominee  for the U.S. Presidency famously said (in one or other of the dreary debates) that when he was elected to be Governor of Massachusetts  ( a sad day for the Commonwealth) he was handed "binders full of women" (to be appointed by him to various positions),

We naughty Democratic Party  supporters have had great fun with Mitt's statement, especially in view of the Repuglican Party's misogyny.

My friend and former colleague Manny Faria posted this cartoon.  Say no more - for this is the Repuglican plan.

 (Thanks Manny)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Florida Lifestyle

Out on a lanai on 14th October 2012.

'Twas Jack Chrisman's birthday.  He and Donna treated seventeen of  us to a fabulous brunch at their home.

Great food.  Superb hospitality.  Fine friends.

To my left, a gentleman from Naples FL  (I forget his name), then Ken from New York and Sarasota  (he attends St. Boniface when he is in town), then Jack Chrisman and Donna Chrisman (our hosts)

Monday, 22 October 2012

My splendid dog Penne used to rest on my bed as I worked at my desk.

Then she stopped so doing, and instead rested on her own bed.

Yesterday she decided that my bed was better.


I figured this out.

I put a comforter back on my bed now that autumn is here!

Dogs are smart!

21st October 2012

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Violence Against Women

Regular readers will remember the story I posted to Povey Prattle on 10th October 2012, It was about a man who wanted me to officiate at a wedding, and his woken friend who was "not so sure".


(cut and paste this URL if necessary)

I had heard not a thing until Saturday morning (20th October 2012) when the woman called me to tell me that the man had tried to choke her with an electric lead on Friday night.

She had called the police, not at the time of the attack, but on Saturday morning when the man had left for work. Reportedly the police told her that she could apply for a restraining order but not until Monday morning.

So on Saturday she said that wanted to talk with me, (i.e. to “solve the problem”).  I ventured that the time for talk was far gone and that urgent action was now vital.

Then she hurriedly and politely hung up on me, stating that her Landlord was there to change the door locks, and that she would call me later.

It was hard for me to leave matters “up in the air”, but I did not know her address.

So I sent her a text message, informing her about Sarasota’s “SPARCC” (Safe Place And Rape Crisis Center) and urging her to call them.

She ‘phoned me later in the day.  Her apartment locks had been changed.  Her boyfriend had arrived but had been pacific when she would not allow him into the apartment.

Best of all she had called SPARCC  (who have much more wisdom and resources than I).

I keep her in my prayers.

And I ask those of you who are sometimes dismissive about the role of Vicars/Ministers/Priests/Rabbis etc to understand that we often try to do the very best we can in the “real world”.  Our lives are not all about Church services and afternoon tea!

 In the meantime Republicans in the House of Representatives are blocking the renewal of the “Violence Against Women Act”.  Go figure.

How many women must be battered, bruised, slashed, beaten and killed before House Republicans are willing to get off their ideological high horses and enter the real world?

And fie on those Priests, Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis, Reactionary Imams, Evangelical Preachers, Bishops of the Anglican Communion, Mormon "Bishops", Eastern Orthodox Prelates -  and the Bishop of Rome (a.k.a. "The Pope" ) who insist that God has designed males for leadership and females for submission.