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Sarasota Neighbourhoods (My neighbourhood Glen Oaks)

My neighbourhood in the north east of Sarasota doesn’t have a name.
It could be called “Glen Oaks” for in the area bounded by Beneva Rd, Calliandra Drive, Circus Boulevard and 17th Street there are four developments viz: Glen Oaks Estates, Glen Oaks Condominiums; Glen Oaks Manor, and Glen Oaks Ridge. (I live in Glen Oaks Ridge.)

Each was built about 35 years ago on land which had been the winter quarters of the “Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus”.

Within walking distance of my home there are

6 Churches: Faith Presbyterian; 12 St Assembly; the Fellowship of Believers; Cornerstone Baptist; Bethesda Ministries; and St. Jude’s R.C. Church

3 Supermarkets: “Sweet Bay” for the best fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. “Publix” for the friendliest staff; “Winn-Dixie” for the best cold cuts (but with the dumbest staff)

5 Banks: Sun Trust; Bank America, WaMu; Wachovia; Colonial.

2 Fast food restaurants: McDonalds and Wendys

1 K-Mart Store

A Golf Course (45 holes)

A lovely Jewish Cemetery


Sarasota Neighbourhoods - Pinecraft

This morning I wandered around the Pinecraft area of Sarasota. This is the home to many Amish and Mennonite peoples.

My pictures show some of the modest homes and trailer homes, the bird houses, the Churches (one a Church at the front and a home at the rear), the tiny Post Office, some Amish/Mennonite names; the wonderful “Yoder’s” restaurant and “Big Olaf’s” Ice Cream shop; a Luncheonette; an odd saucepan; and some birds in a tree.

You’ll not see people. Amish/Mennonite folks are very reserved, so I did not invade their privacy by taking pictures of humans.


The following article is “taddled” from Wikipedia.

While you may know that the Amish are found in about 20 states, it may surprise you to learn that there are Amish in Florida. However, the existence of the Amish community there is unlike any other. As with many other Americans, some of the Amish have made Florida their temporary home during the winter months.

On Florida’s west coast is the city of Sarasota. Every year it host…