Monday, 17 November 2008

Laughter, tears, despair


There was a new guest at Res. House today, a Mexican with the wonderful name of Jesus. He was shy, and anxious to do the right thing. Following his earnest questions I assured him that he could help himself to food, and “yes”, it was O.K. for him to have a cigarette in the outside smoking area.

But then, in all his shyness he asked me another question. He wanted to use the toilet. “Was this possible?” was he meant to ask.

But his words were “How do I use the bathroom?”

“Well”, I replied, “you pull down your zipper and get your Willy out”.

He and I collapsed in laughter, and then I pointed his way to one of our four toilets.


I saw a pretty young teenage girl at Res. House today. She had a lovely face, and the most beautiful long and curly hair. This is unusual since most of our guests are 25+

She approached my “station” with her Mom and Dad. I asked her name.

“Terrence” he replied. Then I realised that “she” was a 14 year old boy. I’ll swear that he had some blush (make up) on his face.

I chatted with his Mom. She started to cry as she told me about their struggles as a homeless family - the Mom, the Dad, Terrence and a sister.

I hugged Mom and Terrence, longing to ask him if he really wanted to be a girl. But “discretion was the better part of valour” and I held my question back.

Terrence received $5 from my hands - I told she/he to spend it at will.

They left and I wept for this boy/girl, and for his Mom and Dad.

Despair (at American religious paranoia).

A good “liberal” friend sent me a panicky e-mail last week. She was disturbed, for she had been told that “In God We Trust” had been omitted from the new (2007) Dollar coin.

I checked this out to find that this motto is in fact inscribed on the rim of this coin. I also discovered that a comparative few of these coins did not have the motto - due to a minting error.

“Why” I thought, “are my compatriots so gullible?

I thought the same today when I received an e-mail from another friend. She believed
that the United States Post Office has issued an “Islamic” Christmas Stamp.

Turns out that the stamp in fact honours the Muslim holiday known as EID (On Dec 8th this year),

See above

And why not?

There have been Muslims in the USA since the 17th Century.

I am happy that our Government (in the shape of the United States Postal Service) is not subservient to the “Christian” majority.

See below for references:

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  1. Not only that, but that stamp is old - I've been sending it for years.