Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Bestial dentistry:

I had not thought about this until this morning -  even horses need Dentists.

This truck was just ahead of me at a traffic light as I wad driving north from Proctor Ave, on "The Trail" in SRQ

Many of the Dentists I know are more used to dealing with Horse's Asses than with the entire beast.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Back to school for jmp

Our local (and "pretty good")  Suncoast Technical College .....

.......   is just the place to attend for those who wish to have careers in Criminal Justice . Firefighting, Health Care, Catering  (cooks and chefs), Early Childhood Education;  or as Plumbers, Electricians and Paramedics  -  and so many other fields.

I am grateful that Sarasota County  (FL)  (via its Schools Department) has decided that public education  does not end at 12th Grade in High School; and that Technical and Community Colleges are (in the broad scheme of things) as important and essential to our common life as are our vaunted and valued so-called "Ivy League" Colleges.

I am also grateful that S.T.C  has not forgotten folks such as I  (old and retired) via an ADULT COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT  Division.

Thus it will be that in May 2017  I plan to take a four week course named "The Amish and their Customs and Traditions".

"Why this course?"  you ask (or I ask for you!!!).

Chiefly because Sarasota, the home of the rich and famous (Stephen King and Jerry Springer anyone?) is also a winter home for many Amish retirees from "up North" .

Here, for transportation ,  they use the Tricycle rather than their  better known Horse and Buggies.

Amish in the Pinecraft area of Sarasota./
 After my four week course next month at S.T.C. I will (necessarily) be your Face Book  expert on "All Things Amish".

I bet that you cannot wait!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Pastoral Care can be exhausting.

Ben was all tuckered out after making three pastoral visits on Easter Day.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Day on the Key and in other places.

Saint Boniface Church, Siesta Key, FL.  High Altar and Stained Glass window, Easter Day 2017 Photo' via Barbara F-C

I was at the "early"  (7:45 a,.m.) celebration of Easter at St. B's this morning, together with about fifty other sisters and brothers.

Anglican/Episcopalian early morning services are never very exciting or energetic.  They are designed that way for those of us who are morning people.

So today's service at 7:45 a.m. did not (and could not) convey the exuberance which is palpable at later morning Eucharists with their bells, brass instruments, superb organ music and glorious choral music.

That's perfectly fine. For at "early services" the Gospel is heard, and the Bread and Wine are shared, and God's people are fed.

To put it another way -  the early service is like a simple breakfast with cereal, toast, and tea or coffee.  The later service  (especially on great festival days) is more like a "full English" breakfast.

The menu is not crucial just so long as the meal is nutritious.

So I had my "tea and toast" at 7:45 this morning, and then spent the rest of the morning sharing Holy Communion with St. B's folks who are unable to get to Church.

There was B.L. in the memory unit of an retirement community in Bradenton; B and G in their home at Palm Aire. G is recovering from major foot surgery. C  in a rehab and long term care facility near our "new" Mall.

If the folks cannot get to Church, then the Church gets to them!

Even better in my case,  Ben comes along on these pastoral calls.   The presence of this handsome dog brings great pleasure  to other residents who are in "care".  Most wonderfully, those with varying degrees of memory problems seem to come alive in a good way when they see my dog.

The dog is more important than my "dog collar"!  (And why not?)