Saturday, 20 August 2016

Love and prayers to and for the Revd. Andrea (Andi) Suess Taylor as she begins a new ministry

St. David's in spring time

The Revd. Andrea (Andi) Suess Taylor, a faithful minister at St. Boniface Church on Siesta Key, Sarasota FL for nine years, began her new ministry as Rector at St. David's Church, South Yarmouth MA on August 15th 2016.

She will preside and preach for the first time at the Eucharists there on Sunday 21st August 2016.

I am so happy for the people of St. David's, for Andi, for her husband Jonathan and their sons Noah and Jacob.

Here is what she wrote to the people of St. David's last March


Dear People of Saint David's,

I have yet to meet most of you, but I am very excited to be called as your Rector, beginning August 15.

I am Andrea (Andi) Suess Taylor, a cradle Episcopalian and intentional follower of Jesus since my teenage years at St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  I was ordained a priest at All Saints', Belmont, Massachusetts in 1995,  and since then have served in Beverly and Lexington, and most recently Sarasota, Florida. I love children, animals (especially dogs), my sons Noah (20) and Jacob (17), my husband Jonathan (age withheld), Russian novels, The Lord of the RingsDr. Who, laughing at my own foibles, clambakes, and sailing.  I may have even contracted a case of "wooden boat fever" last summer while on sabbatical in Brooklyn, Maine.

In my heart of hearts, I believe we are all called to bring into being the Kingdom of God, when God's love will be all in all.  Through your search committee and vestry I have become duly impressed by the work you do in the greater community of Cape Cod.  By all accounts, St. David's is unafraid to do God's work in the world.  I have also been attracted by your strong lay leadership and responsible stewardship.  Above all, I sense your true enjoyment of each other in prayer and service.

I am thrilled to be called to join you in your holy work.  I look forward to learning all your names and getting to know your stories and your hopes for the future!

My husband Jonathan and I plan to visit before August to find a place to live.  I look forward to meeting more of you then!

Many thanks and blessings!

The Rev. Andrea Suess Taylor

Noah, Jake, Andi and Jonathan Taylor

Friday, 19 August 2016

Family Visitors from the U.K. YEAH!

My best beloved niece Anne, her husband Stuart, and their daughter Olivia are in Orlando,  on vacation from their home in London U.K.

jmp, Anne, Stuart, Olivia

They drove over to SRQ today to see me  - what a joy and a pleasure!

We met at the Ringling Museum and explored and enjoyed the fabulous Circus Museum, and John and Mable Ringling's Mansion

 See  (Circus Museum)

Ca d Zan from the inter-coastal waterway.

At Ca dZan we, by chance, encountered one of my favourite St. Boniface parishioners, Ann Albritton and her guest from Akron OH.

It was later that I thought this was a case of Ann meet Anne.

After our time at the Ringling complex we drove to my home for Coffee, and for the obligatory "adoration of the animals"  (Penne, Ada, and Adelaide).

Then it was off to Kacey's Seafood and more on Fruitville Road for a late lunch/early dinner.

The fud was gud!

One of Kacey's employees was kind enough to take our photo' (above).

I implored her to focus on our upper torsos and to avoid the chubby bellies of Stuart, Anne and me. She succeeded!    (Livi is too young to have a belly -  she has a slim and trim tummy!)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

My "House Arrest" draws to an end.

I have been confined to barracks following the dermatological "Blue Light" treatment I received yesterday.

The recommendation of Dermatologists is that the patient should stay inside and avoid direct sunlight for 48 hours following such treatments.

I have been very good and have stayed indoors since I got home from the clinic at 10:30 a.m. yesterday,   (I took out my trash and recycling  at 6:00 a.m. today, long before the sun rose).

I cheated a bit and collected my mail and brought in my recycling carts late this afternoon.  I wore a hat and sunglasses, and was out and in of my home within twenty seconds).

I have been eating, napping, and reading, and staying inside.

It's been bearable in most aspects, but "oh how I have have I missed Penne", (my dog) . Each time I have walked through my sitting room I have expected to see Penne on her bed,

She, however, is at perfect peace with her  Uncle Ron and Aunt Charlotte down in Gulf Gate.  This is her second home,  They love her, and she loves them,  What a blessing.

My 48 hour house arrest should end at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow,  "Phooey" to that.  I'll break curfew three hours earlier and bring my dear Penne home.

Then at about 11:00 a.m. I'll meet my darling niece Anne, her husband Stuart, and their daughter Olivia,   They are on holiday from the U.K. in Orlando.  We plan to get together at the Ringling Circus Museum, and then enjoy lunch at  "The Muse", or at "Captain Brian's Restaurant".

What a day it will be,

(1) I'll be out and about;

(2)  I'll be  reunited with Penne,

and (3) I will have precious time with Anne, Stuart and Livy,.

Penne is such a darling!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

In praise of Kimchi

Kimchi is a fermented food.  It is a staple in Korean diets.  It is said that in both Koreas a side of (home made) Kimchi is considered to be obligatory at each and every meal.

Fermented foods are reckoned to be a great source of natural probiotics, and an excellent aid to digestion.

Westerners are familiar with other fermented foods such as Sauerkraut, Yogurt and Kefir. There are many others, (Beer?)

I use Kefir on my breakfast cereal, though for the life of me I cannot understand why some Kefirs have to be flavoured!

Yogurt is also a good fermented food, but those over-expensive little tubs of flavoured yogurts which are sold in supermarkets are often laden with sugars and chemical flavorings,

The best Yogurt I ever had was when I was on holiday in Greece.  It was a breakfast staple, with some fabulous dark honey stirred in,

Fermented foods have been a part of the diet of many cultures for aeons.  The "ancients" have a wisdom which we are forgetting.

Back to Kimchi.  I get mine at a local supermarket (where it is a bit pricey and slightly bland). Maybe I should learn to make my own.

Kimchi was my side dish yesterday and today, with  sautéed pork cutlets and sweet potatoes.

Kiimchi  (a photo' from the web)

The only brand which is available in my local Supermarket.

The ingredients seem to be very "sound".

I've come a long way from the bland and over-cooked meats and veggies which were the norm when I grew up in the U.K.  

But they were prepared by the loving hands of my fabulous Mum. 

I think of her every day.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

This, that and the other

Penne and I walked home on Monday night from Ben's house.

The clouds were grumbling and groaning with distant thunder

Soon after this the lightning and thunder began.We are enjoying our traditional semi-tropical late afternoon/early evening storms. This  (to your surprise?) is the green-grass beauty of Florida in August.

That was yesterday.

Tomorrow I will undergo "Blue Light" treatment to clear up some pre-cancerous spots on my pate.

In preparation for this I paid good bucks to have a radical hair and beard cut today.

My selfie, revealing a "turkey neck'/.  Do I look older or younger?  My conk looks enormous!

Senior cat Ada is not impressed,  She prefers to read

Monday, 15 August 2016

August 15th - an important date for me.

On August 15th 1984 I took up my ministry as Rector at St. Stephen's Parish, Pittsfield, MA

I was there for sixteen fabulous years, my final "official" date as Rector being August 14th 2000. My heart will always be in Pittsfield and at St. Stephen's.     So much so that my remains will be buried in the Pittsfield Cemetery.

On August 15th 2000 I became the Rector at St. James's Church in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

My tenure there lasted for only six years.  It was a tough, exhausting, but  also joyful ministry.  I have all but forgotten the wretched days, and my heart is even now filled with joy as I think of some of the "Saints of God" at St. James's who loved, encouraged, and prayed for me when the going was rough. I thank God for them.  And I will never forget the wonderfully exhilarating  music at St. James's, thanks to our musician, a man of God named Patrick G. Michaels.


Why August 15th?

In the Church Calendar it is the day when we remember Mary of Nazareth, the mother of Jesus.

I chose to begin my ministries in Pittsfield and in Cambridge on St, Mary's Day, partly because it would help me to remember the date, but also because the Church is less than it should be when it forgets or disses the ministry of woman -  St. Mary being the chief exemplar.


Here is an early Icon of Mary and Jesus.

How wonderful it is that the Icon depicts Mary and Jesus as dark-skinned -   which they surely were.


One of three of Turkey's surviving icons of the Theotokos on the island of Heybeliada at the Theological School of Halki
hate the icons and paintings of Jesus and Mary which depict them as white-skinned, blond haired and blue eyed.  Such racist nonsense,