Wednesday, 2 October 2019

On hearing your father's voice 45 years on.

My dad died when I was thirty years old, i,e, forty five years ago.

I still hear his voice.

He, who sired ten children, was adamant that they should never be called kids, (kiddies, kiddoes).

"Goats have kids" he would say; followed by "human beings have children".

Dear Dad, forty five years after your death, I know that you were right.

Love from jmp, your fourth child!

Of narrow streets, and alleyways

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to roads and buildings.  

Six lane urban highways; or cheek by cheek high rise buildings can be crippling to the soul.  They intimidate the human spirit: the roads with their noisy urgency; the high rises with their gloomy shadows and unwelcoming facades.

I was in Bradenton, FL yesterday with my friend Ashley.  We ended up on Old Main St. (one lane in each direction with a few cut ins for parking); and older buildings whose height and width can be comprehended with one glance.

It's a narrow street in which we felt at home.

We began by sitting street-side -  my excellent cappuccino and her orange soda.  Then we saw the little alleyway alongside the cafe,  with tables and chairs set out alongside the cafe.

Yeah for alleyways!   This particular one, owned and well maintained by the City of Bradenton is made freely available to the cafe.  

We moved there and enjoyed its cool coziness.

Ashley had a Cuban sandwich for lunch.  Zion, despite his considerable charm, didn't succeed in persuading Ashley to give him a bit.

After all, he had just polished off a canine frozen yogurt with kibble in it, a gift from the cafe.


We had been in Bradenton to enjoy the fairly new and deservedly praised river walk,  on the south side of the Manatee River. We were glad to explore it (but of course I forgot to take photo's!).

Here is one from stock

Parabolic dishes.  What fun.  You stand between them, call out a word, and the echos return from all around the dish.  I took Zion in and called "Zion".

He was so confused and could't figure out fgrom where my voice came.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Sunday Bliss 29th Sep 2019

It doesn't get any better than this on a Sunday afternoon in Sarasota, FL.    (2:30 p.m. matinee concert).

What a splendid concert.  What a privilege/joy to be there.

More than twenty four hours later the IV movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5  is still racing through my mind.