Saturday, 6 April 2013

A British product brought my lunch-time sandwich to perfection.

1.    Ingredients:

2.     A wonderfully crusty ciabatta roll.

3.     Uncured (nitrate and nitrite free) black forest ham.

4.     Thinly sliced brie cheese.

These simple sandwich ingredients were brought to perfection with a generous smearing of Branston Pickle.  

(I thank my friend Muriel for bringing me a jar of Branston Pickle when she came back home from her recent visit to England).

Friday, 5 April 2013

If you find me unconscious

............ please take me to Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH).

I checked in there yesterday morning for my endoscopy/colonoscopy procedure and was required to give an electronic “palm scan” which will be entered into their files.

As the admissions registrar explained “this means that if you are admitted to SMH in an unconscious state the hospital will be able to identify you by this palm scan”.

So ...... when and if I am found unconscious, (even during a sermon), just drop me off at S.M.H.   

The hospital records will reveal my identity to you.


My good friends Ron and Char Thompson drove me to SMH at 7:10 this morning, for my medical “procedures”.  I am grateful

What they did not see were the cumbersome “paper work” (including the “palm print”) which preceded the medical treatments.

 I must have signed my “John Hancock” at least a dozen times; explained why I was in  the hospital a similar number of times; and spoken my name and date of birth to at least eight functionaries.

Of course I understand. Our United States un-health system is scared witless lest it be subject to a lawsuit arising from any or all pre or post surgical procedures. 


 I had the endoscopy/colonoscopy procedures, but had signed way any chance of redress should any of these procedures have gone wrong.


went wrong, and  a very nice volunteer took me to the street in a wheel-chair (I had no choice in the matter). Ron and Charlotte were there to drive me home, bringing with them a banana – my first food in thirty nine and a half hours.


the surgeon removed 16 polyps (yet to be biopsied) ;uncovered non bleeding internal haemorrhoids (I am now supposed  to take a daily sitz bath);  and  reported that I have diverticulosis in my sigmond colon, and in my descending colon.


As well as all that I have gastric mucosal abnormality in my stomach, and a hiatus hernia.

I didn’t realise that I was in such poor shape (tongue in cheek!).  


(In fact these "abnormalities" ( diverticulosis, internal haemorrhoids, hiatus hernia)  are fairly normal for a person of my age).


And I am blessed to have first class health insurance via the Church Pension Fund which pays the greatest proportion of the costs for this anticipatory medicine. Would to God that every person had access to such preventative testing. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My plans for 3rd and 4th April 2013

Wednesday 3rd April 2013.

My plans for the day.

No solid food.

Drink only clear liquids - 3 – 4 quarts throughout the day.

Take 2 Dulcolax tablets in the early morning.

3: 00 p.m.  Drink a bottle of Miralax Powder with 32 oz of Gatorade  (8 oz of the solution every 15 minutes).

Then drink another 32 oz of Gatorade within the next hour.

No solid food all day, and nothing to drink after midnight.


Thursday 4th  April 2013.

My plans for the day.

You guess.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Life/ American sponsored death

I am certain that most of us who attended Church in these United States yesterday heard enthusiastic sermons about the new life which God offers through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

I am all in favour of that!

And yet ....  it can be a very selfish message - a message that says that "all's right with me and God", but which ignores the message of death which is promulgated by the American government.

That message of death is exemplified in the profligate use of missiles fired from drones.

George W. Bush began this policy, but it has been broadened and extended by Barack Obama (shame on him).

The policy is promulgated in order to assure us of the targeted deaths of  the (supposed) enemies of America.

(I doubt that any of these supposed enemies pose a real threat to our national security.)

And as this video shows, the "targeted" missiles are incredibly inaccurate, and cause the deaths of children who do not even know a single thing about America.

As the very conservative Churchman the Revd Paul Zahl puts it:

“From a New Testament point of view, drones are completely appalling,” the Rev. Paul F. M. Zahl, the retired Episcopal rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Chevy Chase, Maryland, told CNN. “The whole idea of killing a guy without giving the guy a chance to surrender is preemptive. That for me was completely contrary to the teachings of Christ.”

(In the interests of full disclosure: Paul and I were colleagues in Seminary  -  but our theological views are by no means identical!).

Watch this video, and then ask why our Churches rejoice in a message of life for American Christians, but ignore a policy of death for Pakistani Muslims.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

The perils of infrequent Church attendance

I should get to Church more frequently.   As I left the 11:15 a.m. Eucharist at St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key FL this morning I wished someone a Merry Christmas.   Ooops.